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Any tips on how to cope with having such a dysfunctional mind? For example, I have crippling facial blindness. It's extremely embarrassing as I'm a pharmacist and many of my patients think I know them, and I do on paper, but I have to fake my way through interactions every single day of my life. Unless they have a very, very obvious feature or distinct voice, perhaps... It's impossible. I've had people drop a script off on one end of the counter, I look down to write something, I look up and see them lingering and ask if I can help them. It's terrible. I also have dyscalcula, where I can't do simple math in my head like 8+4, I can't visualize certain concepts like distances (what on EARTH is 2 meters?!), I can't tell east from west when I'm driving... I also got diagnosed as an adult with ADD. I've heard these are all linked.

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      I’m having the same issues as you. I’m diagnosed now with some word that starts with a P. I haven’t had this issue my entire life. I forget much more than faces. I get so lost, forget where I’m going or what I’m doing. Can’t drive anymore. I have other types of memory issues but not sure if they’re related. What all does that P word cause? Do you know the cause of it? I think mine must be from Porphyria or the demeylinating disease of my central nervous system. I have lots of other issues too but they’re all co-related some how.

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