I don't know if I have RA but it's in my family and I've had joint pain since I can remember. regardless I want to start exercising and weight lifting again I just don't know how without making everything worse. suggestions, exercises, support???

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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • uno


    I was diagnosed with RA about 17 yrs ago and interestingly I've never been referred to rheumatologist. Movement is the key. I just started my 1st day of physical therapy and it's absolutely awesome to have someone train me with proper exercise. Weight bearing is my main goal. Was actually surprised on balance tests, I never considered it a problem, but see there's work to be done definitely. I advise both, physical therapy therapy and weight bearing, which could simply be walking. I do not do pharma drugs for any reason except antibiotics for respiratory when needed. I research everything.,..symptoms, treatments, side effects, etc. Medications often lead to other diagnosis so I learn herbal remedies and work on diet. I hope you find what works for you and never give up. Im currently on 3rd lung cancer, have blood cancer, neuropathy, and more but God is my primary and I enjoy my 8 grandchildren and live life to my fullest each day. Best wishes and please update🥰

  • JesseC


    Exercise is very important with RA. Building up the muscle around the joints actually takes stress off of them. Low impact exercises will feel better in the beginning. Something like walking or swimming. I enjoy aquatic exercise because its low impact and helps. I recommend talking to a personal trainer at a gym. You can also do a Google search for RA safe exercises.

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