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I'm currently going through an ASD Diagnostics process and it's brought to my attention that I may also have Alexithymia which would explain why it's so hard to figure out which alter, or alters are present. It feels like since I have a hard time differentiating between alters I may always have this problem. Also recently I got an app called Antar that helps me communicate with them and it's been better than other "self" communicating apps for me. But does anyone else have this problem because they can't just "know" what they're feeling or why they're thinking thoughts?

    • Blake11


      I feel this way too, I’m also looking for an ASD diagnosis. I’ve stopped focusing on my feelings and started recognizing which alters like certain objective things. For example I hate the taste of caramel but my alter likes it, so when we eat caramel the taste can give away who it is. But you’re definitely not alone. Hope that helps

      • Blurrie


        @Blake11 I'm not sure if I have OSDD or any similar dissociative disorders, but I've experienced similar to what you've brought up here where I find certain thoughts are fairly alien to me, and in some cases I will taste or enjoy certain things that I would normally despise while eating. For example: I can't stand the taste of peppers/hot sauces and don't tolerate spice very well, but sometimes I'll eat things like buffalo chicken and not mind it at all. aside from that, most of my emotions and thoughts have always felt hazy/meshed together and are even contradictory to things I agree with normally.

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