Hey everyone, my name is Jasper and I am a 19 year old trans man. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was only 6 because of a benign tumor in the frontal lobe of my brain. I've always had a very watchful eye on me. I want to know if anyone else was treated like that as a child with epilepsy or even now.


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  • rainbowofanxiety


    Yes, I was watched very closely as well. Almost to a point where I'd dub it suffocation when it came to personal privacy.

    • Jasper.Noel


      I couldn't say it more accurately myself. I'd be lucky to go out with friends to a pool party at 12 years old–

      • rainbowofanxiety


        They're actually pulled me from school to "keep an eye on me". Never allowed to shut my door, etc. Even while in the bathroom I wasnt even allowed to shut it, it was horrible. I'm pretty sure it's what causes so much fear when it came to my epilepsy. If they hadn't been so focused on invading my space, I think I wouldn't have been so scared of my epilepsy for so much of my life.

  • CaityA


    I was treated this way as well. I was allowed to go to school but never any events outside of it. Forget about field trips. Even as an adult and being sezuire "free" for 10+ years; I wasnt allowed to use a knife or lock doors or go anywhere alone. Even in my own house.

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