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hello everyone I'm Franki - so I was diagnosed as a young kid and had my thyroid removed as a young teen. but I never really knew what graves was or what it was doing to my body. I'm just looking to try and figure out what I should probably already know but Google is intimidating cause of false info and stuff.. idk I'm just here.

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      Basically your thyroid is your bodies hormone control center because it tells your brain what hormones are needed and what you don't need to make! It's supposed to be the inventory taker of your hormones and the shipping center of the hormones to your body!!! With Graves disease your thyroid is stuck on hyper warp speed and it isn't able to pass on the information to the brain and then your in massive hormonal over load because your thyroid is repeating the need to make hormones and so your brain is frying because of the rapid rate that your thyroid is sending the message to the brain that it's still not got whatever hormone that hasn't had time to have been made in time and get to the part of the body that needs!! Your thyroid is like a motor on a vehicle 🚑🚜 when you have put your foot into the gas and the engine is moving faster and faster and it's telling itself to send more and more gas to the engine the harder and faster that you drive the car the more it is demanding for the fuel injection to send more gas! At a 100 miles an hour your engine is at full throttle and it is sending all the gas it can to the engine that it can well the gas is the hormones and then you slam on the brakes when you have to slow down!

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