I’ve had really bad muscle soreness in my left arm that comes and goes. I haven’t pulled it or anything, is it the fibro?

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  • Situpdown


    Usually how fibro acts . I get it sporatic spots

  • AnxiouslyPatience


    I have this and joint pain in my right forearm and hand, I have fibro and lupus

  • ChemicalX


    I have fibro throughout my entire body, but it did start in my right leg first, a year later, My entire body. If i even sleep wrong, I want death ir im in tears in fetal position. 😐

    • Situpdown


      Do u ever get swollen feet or ankles?

  • MystikMandy


    My left arm gets tennis elbow to where I can't move it. It hurts. I'd say probably fibro.

  • dream6284


    Try eating a couple tablespoons of mustard. I know they say it for a Charlie horse but it also helps if I've had a few days of a specific muscle pain due to fibro

  • Lew_Bear


    I get the same thing! It’s like sharp soreness, usually in my triceps (not usually at the same time though). I haven’t found anything that helps yet

  • A2li


    My shoulder has been giving me insane pain the last month or so even though I haven’t injured it, glad I’m not the only one 🙃 I sounds crazy when people ask why my shoulder hurts and my only response is “I have no freaking clue”

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