I was newly diagnosed with CRSP. As hard of a diagnosis this is to receive I was actually relieved to know that there was a medical diagnosis for what I was going threw and I was not going crazy. I have tried to find others with to discuss treatment options and see how to live with this long term and still be able to have the best quality if life.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

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  • MaggieQuinn


    I’m going to message you, I’ve had CRPS for 17 years and recently found the ONLY treatment that’s worked other than medications, PT, OT, and acupuncture.

    • Ninjalover204


      would like to hear about this treatment as well. I was sort of thrown this diagnosis since I "grew out" of my other one.

  • EverleighKate


    I've had it 11 years and would love to hear about this treatment as well

  • Elizalo


    I’ve had it for 8 years. I’ll DM you. I’ve heard good things about neridronate infusions, but you’d have to leave the country for a few weeks. There’s a facility in Italy near Florence. I was supposed to go in 2020.

    • trademarkspoonie


      I’m going on 16 years of having it and have been very interested in these infusions!

      • Elizalo


        yeah. It sounds so promising. I unfortunately have run into some other health issues that have to be addressed before I can move forward. I will definitely update if I’m able to move forward.

  • Darren


    I’ve studied neridronate infusions as well, there are a few stories on YouTube but you need to compare your situation to theirs it doesn’t work for everyone.

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