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I have a lot of symptoms as of the last few weeks that are confusing me. I had a tubal ligation in 2018 after the birth of my 4th child. For the past few weeks I have severe insomnia, I can't sleep basically at all at night. I lay awake in bed for hours, only to fall asleep for 30 minutes to an hour and then I wake in unusual ways. I'm gonna say I'm having vivid dreams. but I only remember what wakes me. Once I heard my BF scream "Babe!" in a panicked scared voice. He was at work, I was alone. I finally went back to sleep and I woke to the sound of the shower running in the Master bathroom. When I checked, the shower was off and dry, once again I was home alone. This morning I clearly heard a gunshot. It was so loud, I jumped up and checked on my kids and looked at all of the cameras. Nobody was here except my kids and I. It sounded like a shotgun, it was around 4 am. I live in an area that has a ton of houses, I don't believe it was a hunter. I also don't believe it's supernatural. I have lived here for years. My BFs family has owned this property for years. His parents had this house built in the mid 80s. He grew up here and nobody has ever experienced anything supernatural here. With that said, last night I fell asleep while watching TV with my BF, I woke up feeling like I was going to throw up. I sat up, literally shaking. After 30 minutes or so the feeling passed entirely. I have also been waking up shaking. I don't have diabetes and have recently had my A1C checked. It was 5.3. My nose is stopped up, it just feels swollen, not runny or anything, just stopped up. Has been for about 2 weeks. I thought I was getting sick but, never did. I have had food aversion also. Which is weird for me. We picked up pizza for the kids over the weekend. The smell was making me sick. My hands and feet are "falling asleep" often. Most of this could be pregnancy symptoms but I had a tubal ligation, also my period isn't due until the 5th of next month. Seems way too early for this much. What do you guys think? Could some of this just be my anxiety?

    • Dreamangel49802


      God bless you I hope your Dr can find put what's wrong🙏

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