If the air is too dry, I get a nose bleeds.
If the air is too moist, it aggravates my asthma.
I can’t win 🥲

Perforated nasal septum


Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage (GIB)

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  • Liffy


    Keep something to cover your nose and mouth for when your asthma kicks up

  • MorphingButterfly


    Wonder if there is a middle. There are some smart humidifiers out there that can maintain a certain level of humidity

    • GroundZero29


      luckily I can adjust my humidifier but I haven’t found the sweet spot yet 😭

  • Caligirl83


    Vaseline on a q-tip every day will moisten your nose, I used to get major nose bleeds, half gallon amount.

  • AshlynnTowry


    Carry a inhaler around. It's lightweight and easy to carry and put in purses

  • Tpsunny


    Hey, I have this problem too! I still struggle with the nose bleeds but when it’s too humid out I try to only stay in places that are air conditioned and it seems to help a lot :)

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