I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2012. I had an incident when I was away at college... I had panic attacks frequently... one day I was walking down the street (in boston) and I saw a man with a hood on his head; he looked up and I thought I saw him as a monster... I was hallucinating. That was the last time that happened... I have ptsd from an fatal accident of a family member that I witnessed. I personally think I don't have bipolar disorder and I actually have adhd... I have all the symptoms... can't concentrate, trouble concentrating, difficulty with impulse ect...

what would a psychatrist do to see if I have adhd? would primary doctors be able to do a test?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • wannabeaWortortle


    There is psychological testing for ADHD, but you would have to be seen by a psychiatrist and they would need ample proof. Psychiatrists tend to be iffy when it comes to believing that ppl have ADHD so I would look on, they allow you to search for people who treat it and they'll be more open to listening. Hope it goes well!

  • E11iefant


    Yeah I have cptsd and ADHD and I’ve had very similar experiences. I don’t hallucinate, but I get sleep paralysis often and see weird shadow monsters(literally traumatizing). Listen to your mind and body, and keep fighting until you get a diagnosis that fits!

  • Britt0214


    I have both and the symptoms tend to over lap. Sometimes we have to push our drs in the right direction. In my opinion.

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