Anyone else struggling with bouncing back from long covid? Any tips/tricks you’ve found that have helped at all?


Enlargement of lymph nodes


Chest pain



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  • Anthony45101


    What long covid systems have you been feeling? For instance, for me it's been more of chest pain like heart fluttering and heart palpitations. I'll stay super hydrated, relieve stress as much as possible, small walks, and deep breathing. But many ppl will experience different systems. I hope your bounce back is successful!

  • Another_Joe


    Lol, bounce back is funny to me. I am six months in. I don’t feel as bad as I did and month or two in. But I have a hard time feeling like I am getting better at all. I am focusing all my energy into diet and nutrition right now. Exercise sets me back in my symptoms to far. So I have to stick with walking for exercise. Everyday is a struggle and I still have more brain tests to do. So far all tests are normal. But I have to take 300mg gabapentin and 25mg hydroxyzine daily just to stay sane.

  • Chippergirl


    I agree with Joe. I would try to focus on nutrition and exercise. It's hard trying to navigate the healthcare system to get the care that's needed. We can't rely on a pill to fix this. Also, pray. Drink a lot of water. Try consuming a lot of garlic. I also drink a lot of herbal teas

  • Batya


    2 years post covid. Got it twice in 2020 less than a year after chemo. My symptoms were manageable until my 2nd covid booster. Now I am unable to manage most things in life.

    • Chippergirl


      did you notice any swollen lymph nodes after your booster? I had a terrible reaction to the booster shot

      • Echowood


        i have had several episodes of swollen lymph nodes post-covid

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