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When I was one, I got a head injury to the temple that would be the only explanation to why I couldn't and still can't smell. Today was the first day I hate that I can't. My house was smoking ready bad from food that was cooking and burning, but I couldn't smell it. I only went out there thinking I wanted a snack why I waited, but then I found nothing but smoke everywhere. Luckily, nothing caught on fire and it could've been so bad. I hate feeling at fault, because I could've done more, but my nonexistent smell was a big reason that happened and could happen again. so my questions are... How can I get better smell for precautionary reasons? Is there more triggering scents that just ignite the power in your nose? or treatments? if not, is there other things that could help me substitute my sense of smell in a way, such as fire detectors. just as a plan b if I can't hear that?

    • ThatOneGuy


      First, always oversee/watch when you’re cooking. Smoke detectors as well as visual detectors for dead people. I almost burnt my house down because I decided to walk away for just a minute while the stove heated up… distractions kill and I didn’t have covid, no one even knew what that was… it was in the 90’s. Situational awareness and preparedness, make them priorities.

    • Srechin


      Sorry I can't answer your questions, i just wanted to say your experiences that you've said are similar to my own. Most people without smell are cuz of COVID, but I was dropped on my head and had swelling in the temple. I've also had an experience of my dad leaving our stove on then he left and nobody was home but me and it started smoking bad. Only found out when my dad came home and saw the smoke and got after me even though I can't smell it

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