what do you guys do to pass extremely bad, bed ridden, migraine days? I'm talking full blown symptoms but still want to do something to pass time.

Mine is watching bar rescue and staring at walls, and the occasional but most welcome of sleeping it off

Chronic Migraine

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  • BeeDandelion


    Sleeping, hydrating, petting my animals, eating healthy to help symptoms, and resting my eyes.

    • BeeDandelion


      Meditation too!

  • Raelynne


    For me it always feels good to take a nice warm bath while I listen to something like music or a podcast. 😌

  • SufferingMamabear


    Sleeping when I can, taking a boiling hot bath or shower to counter the weird temperature thing my body does (head is on fire, the rest of me from neck down is so cold I shake like I'm naked in a blizzard), sometimes put on youtube if it isn't a sound sensitive one just to have someone talking that I can listen to while blindfolded to keep every ounce of light out...

  • MissLucy_101719


    Sleeping, listening to the golden girls (since watching it hurts too much), and crocheting (freehand so I don't have to read a pattern)

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