I just wanna know how other people cope with their illness and symptoms.

  • Tiyanna


    I use CBD to help me cope,simply because I don't like taking anxiety/depression pills. They make me feel too groggy to function and the effects of the pills don't work as fast. But as for CBD it works really fast and doesn't make me feel groggy just relaxed and happy-go-lucky

  • Vyowleta


    For me I like to distract myself in any imaginable way possible. For example, hanging out with friends, drawing, singing, and pretty much anything I can think of to keep myself occupied by being productive in a way. This usually helps prevent me from overthinking for a long period of time by spending all that energy in other areas instead.

  • ImaKandiMoose


    1. Watching comedy 2. Getting mad and pushing through life with rage. (Like this isn't going to keep me from doing what I want to do!) Not a great coping mechanism. 3. Helping others. (I work for 2 non profits, and help my mom and aunt with their businesses. )

  • Alliekatt


    I smoke pot, play with my dog, watch and do things like I'm 5 years old again, but most importantly learned through tragic loss that somewhere in every situation you can find SOME silver lining. Can be hard to find and is a conscious decision to think like that (well it was when I started doing it) but makes life feel just that much better.

  • AuroraRose


    Occasional Marijuana use, anxiety meds, music, art & connecting with others 🤗💕

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