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I’ve been finding it hard to sleep at night because I hear and see things more vividly past 10pm it’s like clockwork that my brain deteriorates and I stay up all night too scared to fall asleep. Does anyone have any remedies for this? I’m on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist but I don’t want to wait until then to actually get sleep at night. I’ve tried music and light so far but neither help as much as I need.

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      I don't want to be that guy.. but praying sometimes works, I just ask for protection while I go to and sleep and it turns out to be more peaceful. Granted, my praying in the past was giving info to God about what I go through, being specific about it being in the mind and how I see it "mental vision" and so forth. Now my praying seems to work but not all the way usually because the final protection (or way of the evil messing up the protection) comes down to my own physical actions and I mostly tend to mess up for various reasons. But for a while I feel protected and even see mental visions of a fake image helping.. I tend not to trust it sadly though.... I can say more but this is helpful as is I think. So try it homie, it won't hurt because, there's nothing you're giving ya know, i recommend and hope the best. mostly helpa for the "voices" area but I honestly can't remember how physical the protection & help gets butttttt by "voices" im also accounting for the mental visions and coincidences that happen in the world with them

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      I totally understand this! All my life I have been afraid of the dark (or more what could be IN the dark). I'm almost 19 and I still need a night light to sleep. Before I moved in with my boyfriend, I would watch ASMR videos and that would put me to sleep so fast. It sounds silly but definitely give it a shot. I personally recommend personal attention videos especially if you're touch starved.

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