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Just joining this app and feel like it’s my safe place. I was born HIV positive sucks but it wasn’t a chose for me. Been in foster care since birth you can say cause once my family found out they didn’t want me. Mom was already locked up so she couldn’t take me she was fighting her drug addiction. I just found my family after 26 years. Nobody seems like they can answer my questions. I asked my mom why me I had to go years with people telling me nobody’s ever going to want a person with hiv. That I should kill myself. Yeah I thought about it lucky there where people who where amazing to me and told me it wasn’t my fault there was nothing I could do about it cause I was born with it but to overcome and help other children. Now look at me a Fience and four beautiful children that are healthy. Never let anything stop you from becoming something great your past does not define who you become. Love yourself

    • justlivingdaybyday


      Well hun when I say this I don't mean it in any way none of us really chose this no I can say I am maybe covering how an addict obviously how I obtained it but people don't wait in line to get HIV we're all hurting and all kinds of ways I trusted somebody and I got each of you the first time I ever shot up but I will say I could definitely understand the frustration that that is within you that must be truly truly hard being born with it it is definitely a whole other level and I'm so sorry that you've had to struggle with this your whole life but with that struggle I hope it's been happiness and understanding and acceptance because without any of that he will always be hiding from this illness again I found my understanding and acceptance when I told myself this consequences to actions and that happened to me mine I chose to do drugs that day I chose to shoot up for the first time it sucks but I have come to peace the fact that this is my life and how do I make it the best life that I have with what I have and I hope that you can look at it like that one day too it's not going to go away so why not do the best you can to embrace who you are love who you are help other people is another big thing that may be hurting or misunderstanding what they're going through right now I hope you feel better

      • AACKFamily93


        @justlivingdaybyday thank you that was much needed ❤️

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