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I've been dealing with PVCs much more frequently than I am used to for the last few months... been checked out, did an echo and a holter monitor and have been told they are benign... but they are still pretty scary when they happen more often... I have been up to 1 or 2 every 30 seconds at my peak, and it really gets my anxiety going and then I think I am just creating a self feeding cycle where the anxiety causes more PVCs... How often do you all experience them and in what frequency? Any suggestions for slowing or stopping them? I've started 250 mg of magnesium a day but haven't noticed a huge difference. My doctor has also suggested upping my Metoprolol from 50 a day to 50 in the am and 25 in the evening.

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      I also suffer from PVCs and PACs. I do not take anything for them because all the medicines they put me on made the a lot worse. I did change my diet. I stay away from caffeine, I eat small meals and I drink a lot of water. It has helped out so much. I still get them every once in a while but not like I was. I used to have them every other beat 24/7. The ones that scare me the most is the triple back to back ones. They make me feel Iike I can't breathe or that my heart will stop. Keep your head up and try to see what your triggers are.

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