Has anyone experienced dark blotches on the side of your face and neck from Levothyroxine? For a overactive thyroid?


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  • Overcomer


    No. Did you show your doctor? I asked because I am taking Levothyroxine since 2008/9 and never had that.

  • Saillea


    I have dark blotches with little white scars but I think it's from allergic reactions from my MCAS. I never thought to wonder if something else was the source of the dark blotches. If you ask your Dr will you please share what they say here? I'm curious now.

  • Overcomer


    Have you seen a rhematologist or a dermatologist? It could be your immune system

  • GMaw


    I have that. I was blaming it on my CPAP mask. Now I'm wondering. Thanks much

  • RavenSkye


    I have never had anything like that and I have been on levothyroxine since at least 2007 I think.

  • CaptainAwesome


    Yes, come to think of it I have. On my face is where I noticed them.

  • Megsandpegs


    I've never had that, levothyroxine from 2008.

  • Duba


    I have kind of splotchy skin on my face and have taken levothyroxine for years...I never connected those two things so I'll be interested to hear what Dr. says.

  • Quirky4You


    I have dark blotches/spots but mine I believe are age spots from tanning for so many years. I was a sun worshiper!

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