How was your sacroiliitis diagnosed?


Arthralgia, Arthropathy



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  • GracefulKim


    I went to an orthopedist

  • JourneywithJesus


    I did an mri and consulted a spine neurosurgeon. He referred me to pain-management to do whatever possible to avoid surgery. I have arthritis in both hip sockets and 2 bulging discs and a deterioration in one in the lumbar 3,4,5. Oi! I did a second set of si shots in May. They helped a little for awhile… now I have back pain and the hip pain never went away. Naproxen and Tylenol, walking, 2 hours of tens, and sleeping with pillow between my knees and ankles… it helps a bit.

  • Breathe16


    I appreciate you sharing your journey! Oddly injections for me just made things much much worse in terms of pain. And i know i was told a common way to diagnose SI joint pain was getting the steroid injections in the area and waiting to see relief. But my body seems to always do the opposite of whats usual lol especially during chiro when they adjust me and its supposed to release tension in my muscles but instead causes full body locked spasm 🤦‍♀️ i cant seem to win lol

  • ellehoots


    MRI can possibly show inflammation but the real way is with an diagnostic steriod injection or lidocaine injection. I passed all FABERS and manipulation tests. It's different with everyone how the pain is experienced. I feel it in my lower back and more recently in my left hip and groin. I feel pain no matter my position. Some days are better than others. It's a roller coaster. Mine stemmed from a fall in my gravel driveway.

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