how do you deal with depression


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  • 4byfour


    In a lot of ways I don’t. But the second I notice, I go for what I found on Reddit one day: non-zero days. Basically, the goal is that everyday isn’t a zero day, or a do nothing day. If I couldn’t muster up the energy to brush my hair, I use my fingers, or perhaps I move the hairbrush on the sink so it’s easier to start tomorrow. Even though it’s step one of 20, the second I notice I’m at a zero, I try to figure out how I can make the day 0.001% productive, or find a way to make my goals of functioning and feeling better 0.001% closer

    • Foxhead


      I like this approach. I try to do this as well.

  • OutgoingCanasian


    Be positive! Not the "happy" positive but "proactive" positive; be appreciative of your surroundings, your life, and yourself then plan a way to be proactive in making your life the life you want to live

  • BipolarOkie


    I don't really, I take my meds when I remember to and stay home most the time. I've gotten to where I'd rather be home than out in public.

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