What medication helped you? I've taken Abilify 20 mg before pregnancy. Had to change to Seroquel 300 mg during pregnancy and still on it 2 and half months postpartum. Neither really made major differences to me. 🤔






Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • Dexxy


    I take Abilify for my main mood stabilizer. I also was prescribed Remeron and Wellbutrin for when I have depressive episodes, which works very well. If I become manic, I have Zyprexa as a supplementary anti-manic to help keep me stable.

  • SaviorOfRats


    I take Latuda and so far it's been working wonders for me

  • ATrainwreck


    I take Lamictal and it has been wonderful. It is a bit of a process to work up to the proper dosage because of a rare rash side effect. They would rather slowly increase the dose just to be safe. I have had absolutely no negative side effects with it. I don't feel numb to all emotions either. It really helped to bring the extremes in and just balance everything out.

    • Harvey78


      is lamictal the name brand of latuda? I always get generic.

      • ATrainwreck


        lamictal is name brand of lamotrigine

  • AveryArthelia


    For me, Ability was wonderful but I had to go off it after I developed tardive dyskinesia. I'm on Seroquel now and that's probably the second best I've gotten, next to olanzapine which I also had to stop for negative side effects. So it seems like atypical antipsychotics work best for me. SSRIs/SNRIs never helped me much at all.

  • Harvey78


    Im on latuda 60 mg. I like it 10x better than abilify

  • Paulie


    Seroquel has helped me a lot with my bipolar depression/SI. But I’m seeking other medicine because of how early I go into work and how early I need to take it :/

  • Dustmann


    Latuda has been my best med, I take 60mg at dinner. It actually gives me silence. The only real side effect is hypersexuality, but I'm adjusting. Latuda actually gives me silence, most meds don't do that. It works quick too. Risperidone took 9 weeks to work, Latuda has been in my system for not even 2 weeks and I'm noticing the difference.

  • EmptyBucket


    Lamictal really helped me when I was on it. I havent been on meds due to money issues in a couple of years but I always recommend Lamictal. ❤️

  • SalineTurnip


    I've tried all the ones I've seen in the comments and they didn't work for me. I'm on ziprasidone (also called Geodon) rn, 40mg at night. It seems to be helping but I wouldn't mind if it got upped to 60mg.

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