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Hi, I'm new to this app. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism this past March 2022. I was back home for spring break and what had happened is I had been feeling weird for a few days, like I was very anxious, could barely eat, felt shakey and dizzy, had a headache and had occasional hot flashes. I also felt a shiver throughout my body that I told my dad felt like an out of body experience. A few days after all that previous stuff happened, I went to the bathroom at 8am to go pee, then I felt a shiver throughout my whole body (similar to the out of body experience one I felt before), and I started to sweat profusely. After that, I woke up on the floor and I saw the time and it was 8:30. Turns out I had fainted/blacked out for a good 30 min. I tried to move, but my body was so stiff all I could do was lay there until I finally forced myself to crawl to my phone to call my dad. He never picked up his phone cu he was at work so when he came home I told him what had happened and that I felt like I needed to go see a doctor. Just so you know, my dad is the kind of person who refuses to see a doctor even if he is in severe pain, so of course he didn't take me to go see one. (Also, I basically rely on him to take me places just because sometimes when his car isn't working he uses my car to go to work/other places) Anyways, a couple of days passed and I felt fine. It was time for me to go back to my college apartment. When I got there I felt fine, but the next day I felt horrible. I felt shakey and dizzy and like I had to throw up, but I still forced myself to go to class. I tried sleeping it off, but I ended up vomiting (at around 6am) so I called my dad and told him that I felt horrible and vomited and I really needed to go see a doctor and he finally listened to me. He called his work and told them he wasn't coming in and came rushing to my college apartment, which is like 2 hours 15- 2 hour 30 min away from where he lives. He took me to the hospital because I don't have a primary care doctor and also I was in such bad shape. The nurses did everything they could to make sure my blood pressure and heart rate was lowered because it was so high. My heart rate reached 144. I met with some endocrinologist doctors and they diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism. I had to stay in the hospital overnight just to make sure my heart rate and blood pressure stayed at a good level. The doctors prescribed me some medication. I have to take one 10 mg tablet of methimazole by mouth everyday for my thyroid and one 20 mg tablet of propranolol by mouth every 6 hours for 60 days for my blood pressure and heart rate. Ever since I've been on these medications, I don't feel nearly as bad as I did when I had all those symptoms. I still get the occasional hot flashes and sometimes feel a little shakey, but I feel like it's way more manageable now. Sorry this is such a long post, but I hope someone can relate to this experience in some way. If you read this all, you are amazing and even if you didn't read it all, you are still amazing.

    • ZeNoir


      Wow thank you for sharing. I was diagnosed recently and had only experienced maybe 3 blackouts in 2 years, so i never related the too. Glad you are feeling more manageable and you are also just as amazing! 💖

    • shunda1986



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