Hello. I’m new to this App. I was diagnosed Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction in 2021, and transitioned to PPPD. Been going to vestibular rehabilitation since. Although I’ve had some improvement, it will probably never be enough to go back to work ever. Will most likely file for disability. I was always so independent and self sufficient. It’s really hard to accept.

Persistent postural perceptual dizziness

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  • gigi27


    I completely understand, it is so difficult to be totally healthy and yet completely debilitated. I think it's one of the worst conditions a human being can have, the constant rocking in my body never ceases and I have no peace. It makes no difference if I'm lying sitting standing or walking, I am in constant state of no balance. I become so frustrated and a lot of times so angry sometimes I just sit and cry. I hope they do more research on this condition.

  • UsedToBeCool


    I totally understand. (And I’m also a chihuahua mom) 😊 I think it’s too overwhelming to think about “forever.” You have to just take it one day/week at a time. I’ll bet your fur babies are so happy to have you home more! Maybe there’s a hobby you wanted to try but never had time? Now is the time! I just started painting. I’m terrible! But just having something to do helps. ❤️

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