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Just had disc replacement C5-C6, C6-C7 yesterday. I felt fairly well until leaving the hospital. Now the pain is severe. What should I expect? Any advise on how to manage outside of the pain meds. They are not helping. I live alone, with no help. I need help though.

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      😥 💕 ❤️Been Where You’re At & Had The Very Same Levels You had Fused ACDF 6 Screws & a Plate & I’ve also had L4-S1 and Spinal Cord Stim implanted/removed during 1st Lumbar Fusion. My Advice is What Worked for Me, I Had the Soft Colar And My Surgery was Middle Of May & Lived in Georgia & It Was Already Hot & with The Colar I was Even Hotter.( early menopause at 36 am now 55) my Spine Doctor ordered a Twin Size Ajustable Bed, I decided to keep it & paid a small copay. I Did Everything in That Bed. But You’ve Got to Get Up & Walk As Much As You’re Body will Let You. Don’t Try to Be A Super Hero & Decide to Vacuum… You’ll End Up Worse Than You’ve Ever Felt. Learn to Turn You’re Body, not You’re Neck until It’s Comfortable For You. You’re A Bit Over A Week Post-Op, with the Pain you Felt after leaving the Hospital ( I Fail to Understand why my lumbar fusions were 5+ days inpatient, my Neck Fusion I was sent home after 12hrs) I felt like My Enitre Neck from Ear to Ear had been cut open and yanked & pulled on & just Wanted to Chug My Ice Water but I’m Sure You know By Now that’s Not Going To Happen. The Softer You’re Food is and not to hot or cold. I found if I heated water for hot tea to let it sit about 5+ to somewhat cool off so You don’t Jerk You’re Neck same with the heat of You’re Food. If You haven’t already, get A Grabber that can pick up anything or reach something just too far out of reach. That’s also something You’ll Figure out is How & When You’re Body will Let You do Whatever. Listen to Clues You’re Body sends You before You’re Pain or Muscle’s Send You before You’re Pain gets out of Control. I guess We are ❤️Alike❤️ Because Pain Meds Really Didn’t Help Me Much as Long as I Took care of The Muscle Spasms I Was Better. I Hope & Pray You’re Doing Better but whatever You Do… Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Calling 911 If You Feel Totally Different or Something Just Isn’t Right. Better to Get it Checked Than to End Up with Worse Issues. I’m Not wanting to Scare You. But It’s Something I had To Face & I Wouldn’t Want To Wish That On Anyone.

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