Can a psychiatrist just…take away diagnoses after one visit?
I’m so lost.


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  • OverwhelmedBard


    ... what do you mean take away... like undiagnose you? And I dont think they should if they've only seen you once and you've been diagnosed prior with a condition by another psychiatrist. But i could be wrong, it just seems a little dangerous to me though.

    • Jonpup


      yup! Out of nowhere this psychiatrist decided I didn’t have diagnosed depression or schizophrenia. Just bipolar disorder, but still won’t tell me what specified type. She “doesn’t believe in labels”

      • Arctic


        that's very irresponsible of her for her to refuse to elaborate to you on your own diagnosis. I'd consider looking for a new one if you can't get through to her that you'd like to know what's going on and for her to explain to you why she made the decisions she did. on other note, if you have symptoms of psychosis which I assume you do since you have/"had" a diagnosis of schizophrenia, the type you would be diagnosed with would be Type 1. Type 2 does not experience psychosis with hypomania. or it could possibly be schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type, and she may just be referring to it as only bipolar. but I don't know why she'd do that. then again, I also don't know why she'd withhold information from you in the first place so! hopefully you get some answers from her or someone else soon, good luck!

  • Emery33


    If they did that and didn't help you get to the bottom of the issue, then you may be to finda new psychiatrist. Just because they have the title "health care provider" doesnt mean they are living up to their job duties. Most don't. Know yourself and love yourself enough to finda better health care provider so that you can maintain a stable life style.

  • Zellie


    I had a psychiatrist change my diagnosis after one visit. I later asked a new psychiatrist to the practice to switch it back.

  • fahterjay


    I've had that happen one doctor saw one thing another saw something else getting a diagnosis is difficult but luckily I was already receiving help I had to have go into a hospital stop meds and see it came back as my first few diagnosis adhd bipolar I see another doctor you can't be adhd and bipolar one will say on thing so just keep track of your symptoms find another psychiatrist and express that to him or her and the two diagnosis you was giving I was told they did that because some disorders overlap

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