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With your anxiety and stress journey, have you experienced frequent tachycardia? I've been experiencing it a lot lately and I wonder if it's because I've learned how to internalize my emotions so I don't have an emotional breakdown anymore like I used to. I wonder if my initial response to cry, make artwork, or rant was healthier then this. I’ve become a pressure vessel, internalizing it all as not to be “too much” anymore. When I try to do an initial emotional scan I feel ok yet my heart is racing. I haven’t done any physical activity, nothing is happening that’s causing imminent doom or stress, and yet I can’t help but wonder if it’s all buried deep within and I’ve fallen asleep to it. This was happening to me in severity when I was driving home alone on the thruway and I felt like I was going to pass out and my heart was going to explode. I have severe anxiety about traveling alone for this reason. I’m afraid my heart with hurts give out and no one will be there to save me.

    • Marty_Mayhaven


      I understand how you feel! When my heart races my anxiety about how it could go wrong makes it even worse. Also makes it so I cannot drink anything caffeinated. It's like adding gasoline to that fire. :(( It turns out that I have underlying conditions, however, so you might consider being referred to a cardiologist for this problem! Best of luck on your journey <3

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