Posts on Alike for March 2022

  1. Alternative ways to relieve back pain and depression
  2. Latuda and Fibromyalgia: Allodynia Activation?
  3. Dealing with Fibromyalgia and Work: Seeking Advice
  4. Forgetting Names: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  5. How Long Do Post-Concussions Last?
  6. Can Diet Reverse This Disease?
  7. Help! My Morning Routine is Driving Me Crazy!
  8. Seeking advice on EDS diagnosis
  9. Advice on Revision After Gastric Bypass Surgery
  10. Looking for Rheumatoid Arthritis Support
  11. Stopping Anxiety Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  12. Dealing with an Insatiable Appetite: Tips and Tricks
  13. Mood Swings: The Rollercoaster of Emotions
  14. Is it normal for a therapist to discourage seeking a psychiatrist?
  15. Arm and Hand Tremors - Seeking Answers
  16. How long until you felt better after starting B12 injections?
  17. Starting a Low-FODMAP Diet: Need Motivation and Tips
  18. Dealing with Migraines: Starting a Preventative Pill
  19. Celiac and Eating Disorders: A Common but Unspoken Connection
  20. Has anyone tried EMDR therapy for PTSD?
  21. Need tips for dealing with dermatillomania
  22. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Accepting the Possibility of No Cure
  23. Struggling to Live a Normal Life
  24. Swelling and Lumps After Injection - Normal or Not?
  25. Why I Take Omeprazole: My Experience with Acid Reflux
  26. Coping with Dissociative Identity Disorder
  27. Help with Painful Blisters on Legs
  28. Calling All Women with Combined Type ADHD
  29. Anxiety: A Lifelong Struggle
  30. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Weight Loss
  31. Finding Calm: How to Prevent Panic Attacks
  32. Alternative ways to cope with ADHD?
  33. How to Control Binge Eating Urges?
  34. Pushback from Providers on Clonazepam Use for Anxiety
  35. What has helped you the most with your symptoms?
  36. Coping with Rare Autoimmune Conditions
  37. Share Your Experience with Medication
  38. First Visit to Doctor for Endometriosis Diagnosis
  39. Need advice on Vyvanse dosage
  40. Numbness and Dizziness with Herniated Cervical Discs
  41. The Struggles of Living with Autism
  42. Introducing Myself: Struggling with Anxiety and Chronic Pain
  43. Living with Hypermobility Related Dysautonomia
  44. Dating with a Mental Health Condition: To Disclose or Not to Disclose?
  45. Managing Low Energy Levels on Medication
  46. Natural remedies for upper abdomen/ribs pain?
  47. Let's Talk Coffee!
  48. Approaching PCP for Fibromyalgia Diagnosis and Referral
  49. Looking for a fat-burning pill
  50. Tattooing with Fibromyalgia: Any Advice?
  51. Diet and Inflammation: Any Tips?
  52. Best Techniques for Calming Down During an Anxiety Attack
  53. Struggling with Depression: Seeking Advice
  54. Hair falling out by the handfuls, what can I do?
  55. How long have you been on your BPD journey?
  56. Introducing Myself: Seeking Support for Mental Health
  57. Dealing with Anxiety Tics in School
  58. Motivating myself to go to therapy with severe depression
  59. Bleeding during ovulation - is this normal?
  60. Struggling with Lupus and Missing Work
  61. Dosage of Adderall for ADD patients
  62. Has anyone tried Botox?
  63. Coping with a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  64. Worrying About Being Too Much For My Partner
  65. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  66. Esophagus Dysfunction: Seeking Advice
  67. Tips for Sleeping with Anxiety
  68. Dealing with HS and Sexual Interactions
  69. Living with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  70. How do I know if my ADHD medication is working?
  71. Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia as a Full-Time Teacher and Mother of Four
  72. Struggling with Undiagnosed Mental Health Issues
  73. Struggling with eating habits and picky eating
  74. Feeling Emotionless on Sertraline/Zoloft
  75. How to Treat Eczema on Your Face: Tips and Tricks
  76. Looking for Fibromyalgia Support and Advice
  77. Weird sensation when sleep deprived
  78. How to Remember to Take Your Medicine Daily?
  79. Seeking Experiences with Ketamine and TMS for Bipolar Treatment
  80. Need help with medication side effects
  81. Headaches vs. Migraines: What's the Difference?
  82. Burning sensation in mouth after recovering from pancreatitis
  83. Panic attacks after showering
  84. Managing Narcolepsy: Seeking Advice
  85. Looking for Humira users' feedback
  86. Navigating Celiac Disease in a Work Environment
  87. Arthritis Flare Ups in Cold Weather
  88. Is Anxiety Always Caused by Overthinking?
  89. Am I Over Analyzing My Symptoms?
  90. Is texting the only way to talk about my anxiety?
  91. Seeking Positive Vibes in Breast Cancer Community
  92. Tips for Managing Stress with Worsening Conditions
  93. Returning to Work with Long Covid: Need Tips!
  94. Fear of Going Blind: Is It Just Me?
  95. Struggling with IBS: How Do You Cope?
  96. Should I disclose my BPD diagnosis to my therapist?
  97. Dealing with GI Issues and Anxiety with POTS and hEDS Diagnosis
  98. Do Autistics Feel Grief?
  99. Looking for Gluten-Free Recipes as a College Student with Celiac Disease
  100. Allergic to Everything: How to Reverse Parasite-Induced Allergies?
  101. Choosing Between Law School and Advocacy: Is It Wrong to Prioritize Mental Healt…
  102. Has anyone tried Low Dose Naltrexone for pain relief?
  103. Opinions on Low and High Functioning Terms for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  104. New here and struggling with insomnia
  105. Tips for BPD Treatment?
  106. How to Come Off Lithium: Seeking Advice
  107. Struggling to Get Out of Bed During a Low Episode
  108. Weight Lifting with hEDS: Safe and Helpful?
  109. Lost Sensation from Fibroids: Seeking Advice
  110. How to Tell if Lexapro is Working?
  111. Is this a symptom of MS?
  112. Passed out in class and got a concussion
  113. Struggling with Personal Hygiene: How Can I Motivate Myself to Shower More?
  114. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  115. Question about Lexapro usage
  116. Starting Trulicity for Diabetes: Any Tips?
  117. Looking for Effective Medical Treatments
  118. Managing Pain at Work: When Advil Isn't Enough
  119. Scared to take Aderall for my ADHD
  120. Self-Care for Chronic Pain: What Works for You?
  121. COVID and Sensory Overload: Tips for Autistic Individuals
  122. Looking for Recommendations on Specialty Doctors
  123. How to Tell if Your Medication is Working: A Guide
  124. Starting medication, should I be worried?
  125. Struggling with Weight Loss: Need Advice
  126. How has using spravato affected you?
  127. Getting Diagnosed with Autism as a Female Adult
  128. Looking for Holistic Treatments for Yeast Infections
  129. Struggling with Mental Health: Could it be a TBI?
  130. Need suggestions for medication confusion
  131. FSM Treatment for Fibromyalgia: Has Anyone Tried It?
  132. Dealing with COVID and Anxiety
  133. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Any Tips?
  134. Wedding Planning with Crohn's: Tips Needed!
  135. Considering Transitioning: Seeking Advice on Starting Hormone Therapy
  136. Dealing with Extreme Guilt and Panic Attacks
  137. Do You Have Sweating Issues? Let's Talk!
  138. Dealing with Frequent Migraines: Seeking Advice
  139. Share Your Medical Diagnosis Story
  140. Struggling with Insomnia: Any Tips?
  141. Need help breaking my sugar addiction with gastritis
  142. Looking for advice on managing chronic fatigue
  143. The Struggle of Managing Anxiety
  144. Do I Have Borderline Personality Disorder?
  145. Dealing with bad days: advice for college students with depression
  146. How to Deal With Overwhelming Thoughts and Think Positively
  147. How to deal with dental pain caused by TMJ?
  148. Need advice on how to help a stray cat
  149. Swollen Lymph Nodes with Thyroiditis?
  150. Managing Emotional Well-being with Chronic Pain
  151. Is my neck and back pain REALLY Fibromyalgia?
  152. Cortisone Epidural Injections for Spinal Problems
  153. Sleeping with Stuffed Animals and Negative Dreams
  154. Getting a Proper Medical Diagnosis: Share Your Experience
  155. Stuck in a Weight Loss Rut? Need Tips for Breaking Restrict and Binge Cycle
  156. Lamictal for Anxiety: Anyone Tried It?
  157. Hypothyroidism and Anticonvulsants: Should I Accept New Medication?
  158. Can You Have Both Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis?
  159. Strange Rashes with Fibromyalgia
  160. Struggling with APD in High School
  161. Serious Problems with Thermoregulation
  162. Opinions on Mobility Aids
  163. What kind of tumors do you have?
  164. Looking for alternative medication to Valium
  165. Avoiding Disability Disclosure: How Do You Handle the Question?
  166. Struggling to Get an Official ASD Diagnosis as a Woman
  167. What Symptoms to Look Out for as I Age?
  168. Relief for Migraines: When OTC Meds Don't Work
  169. Dealing with Chronic Pain at Work
  170. Epilepsy and Genetics: Is it Hereditary?
  171. Dealing with Secondary Progressive MS: Seeking Pain Relief
  172. Struggling to Develop an Exercise Habit with ADHD
  173. Looking for New RSD Treatments
  174. The Impact of Anxiety on Daily Life
  175. Advice on Endometriosis Treatment Options
  176. Dealing with Gene HLA B27 and Autoimmune Disease
  177. Best treatments for my condition?
  178. Regular Chest Pains - Anxiety or Something Else?
  179. Noticing Switches After Discovering Being a System
  180. Coping with dissociation: What tools do you use?
  181. Managing Mania Without Anti-Psychotics
  182. Understanding DID Systems
  183. Looking for advice on treating Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome
  184. Coping with Chronic and Progressive Conditions
  185. Doubting My Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosis
  186. Struggling to Find Joy in Hobbies with Depression
  187. Living with Disabilities and Mental Illnesses: My Story
  188. Am I Trans or an Alter in a Female Body?
  189. Likelihood of Recurrent Pulmonary Embolism
  190. Struggling with Depression: Seeking Alternative Treatments
  191. Non-Medication Fibro Pain Relief Tips Needed
  192. Dealing with Anemia: Anyone Else Black Out?
  193. Dealing with Severe Tics and Tourettes
  194. Gluten and Oral Activities: Is There a Waiting Period?
  195. Alternative ways to manage negative symptoms?
  196. Compulsions and Lateness: How to Cope
  197. Struggling with Bipolar Disorder and Medication Resistance
  198. Recognizing Psychotic Depression
  199. Intrusive Thoughts While Driving
  200. Diagnosing Autoimmune Disorders: How Long Did It Take?
  201. Best Medications for Anxiety and Depression?
  202. In search of effective anxiety meds for daily use
  203. Heart Monitors on TV Trigger My Anxiety
  204. Coping with Mental Health: Tips and Tricks
  205. Need help with nightmares
  206. Feeling Tired All the Time
  207. Managing Auto-Immune Disorder Flare Ups: Tips and Tricks
  208. Struggling with Mental Health and Self Esteem
  209. Forgetting to take meds - anyone else?
  210. Managing Pain: Tips and Tricks
  211. When Life is Good but Depression Lingers: What to Do?
  212. Visible muscle twitches - anyone else?
  213. How Often Does Thyroid Cancer Reoccur?
  214. Anxiety and Sleep: Why Am I Always Tired?
  215. When were you diagnosed with Hydrocephalus?
  216. Chronic Abdominal Pain and MALS Symptoms
  217. Coping with Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  218. Worrying About My Partner During Illness
  219. Looking for IBS relief: any tips?
  220. Exercising with Chronic Pain: Tips and Advice
  221. Looking for Support with Mental Health Issues
  222. Managing Type 1 Diabetes: Seeking Advice
  223. Thinking of getting an IUD, but scared of the pain
  224. Tips for finding a job that won't require standing for long periods of time?
  225. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  226. Feeling Drained: Normal Thyroid Levels but No Energy
  227. How do you manage pain?
  228. Struggling with Symptom Management
  229. Eliminating Specific Foods for Pain Relief
  230. Sleep Paralysis and Night Terrors: Meds or PTSD?
  231. Shunt Revisions and Memory Loss: Seeking Advice
  232. Living with Chronic Illness: My Journey to Employment
  233. Struggling with Vulvodynia Pain: Seeking Advice
  234. Dealing with Hyperactive Symptoms of ADHD in Women
  235. Stressed About Moving Out: Need Advice
  236. Dealing with Medical Trauma: What Works Best?
  237. Need help with CPAP machine and stuffy nose
  238. Missed or mistaken ASD diagnosis?
  239. Feeling Disconnected from Peers Since Childhood
  240. My Journey with Chronic Illness and Alternative Treatments
  241. Can't Sleep, Going Crazy
  242. Need Help to Stop Skin Picking
  243. Ways to Progress with My Diagnosis
  244. Hydroxycloroquine and worsening depression/anxiety
  245. Swollen ankle for months, shortness of breath - what should I do?
  246. Why do I experience chest pain if my heart is okay?
  247. Dealing with Essential Tremors: Seeking Advice
  248. Looking for advice on pernicious anemia diagnosis and treatment
  249. Dealing with Anxiety When Eating
  250. Dealing with Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects
  251. Coping with a Diagnosis: How to Move Forward
  252. Severe Constipation: What Can I Do?
  253. How to Manage Intrusive Thoughts and Anxiety
  254. Misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 2?
  255. Feeling Disoriented: Anyone Else Experience This?
  256. Crohn's Flare with Mouth Sores - Anyone Else?
  257. Sudden weather changes causing pain and discomfort
  258. POTS and Palpitations: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  259. Struggling to Relax After Work and Chores
  260. Living with Anemia: Does Anyone Else Suffer from This?
  261. Immuno Suppressants: Any Experiences?
  262. Coping with Anxiety and Depression Without Medication
  263. Looking for Mental Health App Recommendations
  264. Lesbian College Student Seeking Support for Mental Health Struggles
  265. Dealing with Chronic Pain in a Relationship
  266. Can't Eat Red Meat Anymore, Help!
  267. Does Peripheral Neuropathy Go Away?
  268. Let's Talk About Rosacia and Elevated White Blood Cell Count
  269. Alternatives to Medications for Braces Pain Relief
  270. Cold Fingers and Toes with Depression?
  271. Bullied for My Acne Scars
  272. Concerns about Melatonin Dosing for ADHD Husband
  273. Herniated Discs in Neck: Surgery or Aging?
  274. Starting Concerta Tomorrow: Scared?
  275. Introduction and Update on My MS Diagnosis
  276. Tips for Organizing Medications When Traveling
  277. Experiencing Breast Pain - Seeking Advice
  278. Need help with flare up!
  279. At What Age Did You Start Losing Your Hearing?
  280. Fevering During Pain Spikes: What Can I Do?
  281. Crying every day during COVID: is it normal?
  282. Feeling Ashamed of Taking Mental Health Medication
  283. What was your autism neuropsych appointment like?
  284. Struggling with Anxiety and Medication
  285. Anxiety and Gastritis: How Many of You Suffer from Both?
  286. Anxious About Annoying My Therapist
  287. Struggling with Agoraphobia: How Can I Get My Life Back?
  288. Autism Diagnosis: How It Impacted My Life
  289. Non-Medical Ways to Improve Mental Health
  290. Throbbing Migraine with Pressure Changes
  291. Need advice on what to eat with inflamed colon
  292. How to Build Endurance for Exercise?
  293. Struggling to Manage Work and Symptoms
  294. Dealing with IBS: Seeking Advice
  295. Dealing with Stomach Pain and Loss of Appetite
  296. Looking for Alternative Treatments
  297. Dealing with Depressive Episodes
  298. Dealing with Chronic Migraines: How Often Do You Get Them?
  299. Coping without Medication: Tips and Tricks
  300. Looking for a Natural Solution to High Blood Pressure
  301. Coffee Triggers: Is It Just Me?
  302. Dealing with Nausea: Any Tips?
  303. Dealing with Idiopathic Hypersomnia: What to Expect
  304. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and Hypnagogic Hallucinations
  305. Dealing with Chronic Illness: Seeking Advice
  306. Managing Multiple Medications: Is It Safe to Keep Adding More?
  307. What to Expect at a Mental Health Inpatient Hospital?
  308. Dealing with Anxiety Symptoms: Need Advice
  309. Nausea and Anxiety: How to Cope?
  310. Worried about my acid reflux meds not working anymore
  311. Struggling with Anxiety and Productivity
  312. Alternative Remedies for Shrinking Ovarian Cysts?
  313. Gabapentin: Is it working for you?
  314. Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma and High Antinuclear Antibodies: Anyone Else?
  315. Struggling with Hair and Skin Picking
  316. Does Liquid IV Really Work?
  317. Struggling with Adderall XR and Sleep
  318. Experiencing Horrible Pain in the Soles of My Feet with Diplegia
  319. Tips for Managing My Condition
  320. Struggling with ADHD in Relationships: Tips for Explaining Unintentional Ghostin…
  321. Fighting Depression with Responsibilities
  322. Overcoming Fear of Meeting New People
  323. Young and Chronically Ill: Let's Connect!
  324. Looking for Coping Skills
  325. Looking for Support with Chronic Pain
  326. Managing Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  327. Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain?
  328. Dealing with Stigma: When Others Treat Your Condition as Contagious
  329. Coping with Fibromyalgia After Losing My Father
  330. Limiting Dairy and Gluten: Positive Effects on Symptoms?
  331. Understanding OCD: Can Anyone Share Their Experience?
  332. Managing Mania at Work: Seeking Advice
  333. Looking for Nausea Relief
  334. Dependent on Parents for Health Reasons
  335. Dealing with Everyday Anxiety: Symptoms and Coping Strategies
  336. Burning Sensation on Hip Bone or Elbow with Fibromyalgia
  337. Struggling with Depression and Anxiety: Need Tips for Socializing
  338. Looking for Simple Remedies for Chronic Migraines and Neck Pain
  339. Bipolar Disorder: What Are Your Symptoms?
  340. Has anyone had success with Pristiq for anxiety/depression?
  341. Strategies for Calming Down in Public
  342. Self-Diagnosing Autism: Is it Enough?
  343. Parenting with BPD: Struggles and Support
  344. What Other Options Do I Have for Pain Relief?
  345. Looking for Fibromyalgia Treatment Suggestions
  346. Negative ANA with Lupus Symptoms - Anyone Else?
  347. Anxiety and Frequent Urination: Seeking Advice
  348. New to Kratom: Is it Safe and What are the Side Effects?
  349. Question about alters and trauma
  350. Coping with Hallucinations and Flashbacks
  351. Staying Active with Knee Problems
  352. How much do meds really help?
  353. Need advice on increasing white blood cell count
  354. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue after TBI Recovery
  355. Dealing with Heart Palpitations: Need Help!
  356. Struggling with Mental Health and Making Friends as an Adult
  357. Dealing with Emotional Eating Urges
  358. Dating with Chronic Illness: How to Approach It?
  359. Looking for EMDR Therapy Experiences
  360. Has anyone had their tailbone removed?
  361. Feeling Worn Out: Work Stress Taking Its Toll
  362. Dealing with Joint Pain: Push Through or See a Doctor?
  363. Struggling with Anger Management due to Anxiety
  364. How to talk to my mom about shaving my head due to Trichotillomania?
  365. Is it wrong to love calling myself chronically ill/disabled?
  366. 27, Genderfluid, Married with Kids - Ask Me Anything!
  367. Struggling with Pristiq Withdrawal
  368. Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks When Alone
  369. Premature Birth, Asthma, and Anxiety: My Story
  370. Need advice on starting a Low FODMAP diet
  371. Excessive Bleeding with COVID Symptoms
  372. Looking for ADHD medication alternatives
  373. Living with Lyme: My Story
  374. Share Your Meningioma Experience
  375. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Anyone Else Struggling?
  376. New to Sobriety: Any Tips for Fighting Cravings?
  377. New to This and Scared: How Do I Handle Anxiety?
  378. Regrouping During an Anxiety Attack: Tips and Tricks
  379. Dealing with Fibroid Tumors and Hysterectomy
  380. Struggling with Oral Hygiene Due to Mental Health Conditions
  381. Ways to Reduce Migraine Attacks Without Medication
  382. Looking for Friends Who Understand the Chronic Illness Life
  383. Looking for Friends Who Understand My Heart Condition
  384. Do Migraines Cause Fevers?
  385. Is the Mayo Clinic Diet Safe for Eating Disorder Recovery?
  386. Masking My Autism: Is It Normal?
  387. How to Stop Stress Eating: Tips and Tricks
  388. My Struggle with Premature Birth and Asthma
  389. Finding Peace in Silence: Using Hearing Aids to Cope with Overstimulation
  390. Need tips for nausea after stopping medication
  391. Starting Accutane in 5 Weeks: Any Advice?
  392. Non-Medical Ways to Manage Conditions
  393. Has anyone had anal fissure surgery?
  394. Struggling with Motivation: Need Advice
  395. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue: Any Tips?
  396. Keeping My Diet in Check
  397. Struggling with BPD: Seeking Non-Pharmaceutical Remedies
  398. Need help with gut flora imbalance
  399. High TSH Levels After Thyroidectomy: Anyone Else Experienced This?
  400. Better sleep advice?
  401. Managing SI Joint Pain: Tips and Tricks
  402. Need advice on straightening my curved spine
  403. Looking for experiences with Semaglutide medications
  404. Tips to Quit Nicotine Addiction
  405. Starting Zoloft for ADHD and Depression - Need Advice
  406. Feeling Alone in a New Relationship
  407. When to Seek Help for Anxiety: Personal Experiences
  408. Do I Have ADHD? Seeking Answers and Validation
  409. Struggling with Insomnia, Need Help!
  410. Looking for new ways to treat my OCD
  411. Fibromyalgia Diagnosis: Is There More to My Pain?
  412. Looking for people with abdominal migraines
  413. Question about Pain in Right Shoulder Blade with Multiple Sclerosis
  414. Managing Binge Eating Disorder Without Professional Help
  415. Vyvanse and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Anyone Else Struggling?
  416. Do I Have ADHD? Need Advice
  417. Migraines that worsen when sitting or laying down
  418. Dealing with an Overactive Bladder for Years
  419. Dealing with ADHD symptoms: seeking advice
  420. Type 1 Diabetes and Mental Health: Struggling with Depression and Anxiety
  421. Dependent on Milk of Magnesia for Digestive Comfort
  422. Help! Flare under my arm, what should I do?
  423. Seeking Advice on Therapy for ADHD
  424. Struggling with Communication
  425. Struggling with Trichotillomania: Seeking Advice
  426. Need Help with Fatigue Management
  427. Recovering from Derealization and Dissociation
  428. Looking for Support and Connection
  429. Struggling to Go to Work Due to Anxiety
  430. Mental Illnesses in Alters: What Else is Possible?
  431. Clodidine not helping with my tics
  432. Best ways to gain weight
  433. Lying to myself about my symptoms
  434. Seeking advice for ASD symptoms
  435. Coping with ADHD Diagnosis: Need Advice
  436. Looking for Medical Support and Encouragement
  437. Dealing with Jealousy and Delusions in a Relationship
  438. Twice Diagnosed with ADHD: Could've Accomplished More
  439. Dealing with GERD and Gastritis Pain
  440. Long COVID and Chronic Sinusitis: Seeking Advice
  441. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  442. Finding Confidence in Your Own Skin
  443. Struggling with Lactose Intolerance Postpartum
  444. Dealing with Anxiety-Induced Stomach Pain
  445. Managing Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  446. Chiropractic Treatment for TMJ: Has Anyone Tried It?
  447. Hypermobility and Bone Health: Seeking Advice
  448. Are IUDs Really That Painful?
  449. Dealing with Chronic Back Pain: Seeking Advice
  450. Do you ever feel like a fraud?
  451. Living with Chronic Illness: My Story
  452. Is it Normal or Syncope? Exploring Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders Symptoms
  453. Nightmares and Anxiety Attack
  454. Looking for Natural Remedies for Migraines
  455. What medications have you tried?
  456. Is avoiding medication the right choice?
  457. Struggling with EDS Diagnosis and Family Support
  458. Tips for Tolerating Exercise with POTS Diagnosis
  459. Struggling with Skin Picking: Seeking Advice
  460. Dealing with Silent Panic and Anxiety Attacks
  461. How to Track Progress in Mental Health Recovery
  462. Finding Motivation with Chronic Pain
  463. Struggling with Nighttime Binge Eating
  464. Will I be on SSRI's forever?
  465. Just diagnosed with ADHD as a trans man
  466. Tips to Stop Skin Picking and Scratching?
  467. Struggling with Fibromyalgia and Weight Loss
  468. Looking for BPD Support and Management Advice
  469. Curious about others' experiences with synesthesia
  470. Managing Crohns in a Relationship
  471. Migraine or Just a Headache?
  472. IBS and Dating: How it Affects My Love Life
  473. Dealing with a Tremor in My Right Hand
  474. Can I Be a Teacher with Asperger's?
  475. Is my stomach issue caused by anxiety or something else?
  476. Looking for Others with Hemiplegic Migraines
  477. Alternative Mental Health Treatments?
  478. Has anyone had the Intracept procedure for chronic pain?
  479. Naltrexone: Shot or Oral Pills?
  480. Coping with Anxiety Attacks at School
  481. How to Handle Confrontation Anxiety?
  482. Just diagnosed with fibromyalgia, need advice
  483. Should I Go to Therapy or Keep Going by Myself?
  484. Dealing with Hives on Xolair: Seeking Advice
  485. Effexor for Depression: Experiences?
  486. How did COVID-19 affect you mentally and physically?
  487. Coping with Paranoia and Intrusive Thoughts
  488. How to Respond When Someone Asks About Your Knee?
  489. Dealing with Mood Swings as an Art Student
  490. Experiencing Tics with Anxiety, Depression, and ADHD
  491. Massage Therapy for Fibromyalgia: Does it Work?
  492. Struggling with Organization and Anxiety
  493. Non-Narcotic Pain Medication for Arthritis?
  494. Dealing with Social Anxiety: Need Advice
  495. Is Asperger's Syndrome Real or Fake?
  496. Struggling to Eat with Depression
  497. Inflammation of the Stomach: Has Anyone Experienced This?
  498. Looking for Medication Advice for Panic Disorder
  499. How has bipolar affected you?
  500. Should I Tell My Parents About My Anxiety?
  501. Identity crisis: struggling to find my place in the world
  502. Dealing with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and ADHD
  503. How to Stop Compulsive Behaviors?
  504. How to Approach Suspected ADHD/ADD Symptoms?
  505. Lithium for BPD: Anyone have experience?
  506. Dealing with Shoulder Pain and Inflammation
  507. Is Levothyroid a Good Option?
  508. How to Improve Your Mental Health
  509. Help with Dry Skin and Rashes from Celiac
  510. Managing Conditions Without Medication: Tips and Tricks
  511. Dealing with Migraines: Has Anyone Experienced Lasting Vision Damage?
  512. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health
  513. Dealing with Claustrophobia in Cars
  514. Dealing with sudden low days
  515. Struggling with Sleep as a New Parent
  516. Feeling Emotionally Numb: How Can I Find Joy Again?
  517. Dealing with Nightmares: My Struggle
  518. Experiences with Bipolar Disorder Severity as You Age
  519. First Panic Attack and Hallucination
  520. Dealing with ADHD: Staying Motivated
  521. Managing OCD Habits: Tips for Reducing Stress
  522. How to Politely Communicate Your Mental Health Struggles in Social Situations
  523. Struggling to Distinguish Between Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Injuries
  524. Dealing with IBS and Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  525. Anyone tried Trazodone for anxiety and insomnia?
  526. Best Medications for Chronic Pain and Fatigue?
  527. Non-prescription remedies for insomnia?
  528. Feeling Lost: Need Help Understanding My Emotions
  529. Driving and Health Anxiety: Anyone Else Struggling?
  530. Best Muscle Relaxers: Recommendations Needed
  531. Help for Anxiety: Seeking Advice and Support
  532. Navigating Depression in a Romantic Relationship
  533. Struggling with Treatment: Keep Trying or Let it Be?
  534. Can I Drink After Taking Prozac in the Morning?
  535. Dealing with Extreme Avoidance and Anxiety
  536. Quitting Weed and Smoking with Schizophrenia: Medication Interference?
  537. Newly Diagnosed with T-2 Diabetes and Need Advice on Insulin Shots
  538. Struggling to Take Medication Regularly
  539. Starting Ajovy soon, looking for opinions
  540. Coping with Positive Coping Skills
  541. How to control the urge to pace?
  542. Embarking on a Health Journey with Fibromyalgia, Autism, ADHD, and More
  543. Struggling with Digestion After Gallbladder Removal
  544. Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia and Metoprolol
  545. Tips for managing IBS symptoms?
  546. Coping with OCD: Seeking Advice
  547. Struggling with Hyper-mobility Diagnosis
  548. Alternative Treatments for Medical Conditions
  549. Looking for alternative insulin options
  550. Celebrating a Small Victory with T2D
  551. Struggling with Unofficial Diagnoses
  552. Dating with HSV2: How to Start a Relationship?
  553. Bruising more easily on Cymbalta?
  554. Advocating for Myself: Tips for Talking to Doctors
  555. How to Explain My Eating Disorder to Others?
  556. Dealing with Growing Pains: Seeking Advice
  557. Losing My Mom and Disability Support
  558. Advice on Weed Dependency
  559. Tips for Managing Anxiety: Where to Start?
  560. Seeking Autism Diagnosis as a Woman
  561. Looking for Friends Who Understand My Mental Health Conditions
  562. Seeking Advice on Vaginal Suppositories for Pelvic Pain
  563. Living with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder
  564. Looking for IBD Support
  565. Struggling with Chronic Pain During Physical Therapy
  566. Back Pain with Fibromyalgia
  567. Tips for Easing Anxiety Before Surgery
  568. Coping with Intrusive Thoughts: Share Your Rituals
  569. Concerns about using a cane
  570. Propranolol for Social Anxiety: Anyone Else Experience This?
  571. Monitoring My Condition: Signs of Progression
  572. Understanding C-PTSD: Symptoms and Treatment
  573. Managing ADHD Medication Side Effects
  574. Feeling Stuck in Autopilot: How to Break Free
  575. Struggling with Medication for HS
  576. Scared to Take Anxiety Medication: Anyone Else?
  577. Iron Infusions: Need Advice
  578. Dealing with Mixed Emotions of a Possible Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis
  579. Managing a Late Autism Diagnosis
  580. Bowel and Bladder Problems: Need Tips!
  581. Looking for Probiotic Recommendations for Digestive Issues
  582. Looking for Feedback on Genetic Counseling
  583. Using a Rollator for Long Outings
  584. Need advice for treating anal fissure
  585. Communicating with nonverbal alters
  586. Struggling to Lose Weight While Taking Medication
  587. Does Depression Cause Physical Pain?
  588. Increased Anxiety on Prozac: What Should I Do?
  589. Do I Have Dissociative Identity Disorder?
  590. Tips for Attending Large Outdoor Events with HS
  591. Struggling with Mental Health
  592. Negative UTI Test but Symptoms Persisting
  593. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  594. Exploring Eastern Medicine for IBS Treatment
  595. Struggling to tell if ADHD medication is working
  596. Chest Pain and Sleeplessness: Need Advice
  597. Dealing with Chronic Hand and Wrist Pain
  598. Lack of libido on Lithium - seeking advice
  599. My Experience with Gender Dysphoria and Estrogen
  600. Managing Menstrual Symptoms
  601. Pseudoseizures - What Are They Like?
  602. Struggling with Bipolar Disorder and Daily Routines
  603. Pre-existing Mental Health Conditions and Traumatic Brain Injury
  604. Looking for Friends to Cope with Mental Health Struggles
  605. Discovering the Underlying Issues of Hypothyroidism: My Journey to Better Health
  606. Struggling with Weight Loss, Need Advice
  607. Stomach Ache After Bathroom Use
  608. Living with a Brainstem Tumor and Neurofibromatosis
  609. Sudden Anxiety About Eating in Front of People
  610. Dupixant for Eczema: Experiences and Alternatives
  611. Assessment and Diagnosis Process for Mental Health
  612. Struggling with Antidepressant Side Effects
  613. Should I Stop Taking My Medications?
  614. Genetic Testing for Epilepsy Diagnosis: Has Anyone Tried It?
  615. Struggling with Undiagnosed Autism
  616. Feeling like I need to cry for no reason
  617. Constant pain in fingers and toes from Raynaud's
  618. Coping with Mental Health Symptoms
  619. Constant Burping and Gas Pain
  620. Coping with Paranoia from Loneliness: Any Tips?
  621. Starting Latuda: Side Effects and Effectiveness
  622. Dealing with Dietary Restrictions When Eating Out
  623. Struggling with Medication Withdrawal
  624. Excessive Thirst and Other Symptoms - Seeking Advice
  625. Need advice for fibromyalgia treatment
  626. Eating Disorder vs Disordered Eating: What's the Difference?
  627. Arthritis Compression Gloves for EDS Pain Relief
  628. How to Announce My Pregnancy at 17?
  629. Constantly Dry Skin and Lips
  630. Coping with PTSD and Bipolar: Need Advice
  631. Excess Stoma Supplies - Sell or Donate?
  632. Dealing with Gallstones: Symptoms and Surgery
  633. Improvement in Hyperactivity/Impulsivity on Concerta?
  634. How quickly does my condition progress?
  635. Anti-depressants and Essential Tremors
  636. Can Covid Vaccines Cause Miscarriage?
  637. Staying Active with JRA: Tips and Tricks
  638. Sudden Pain Flare Up During Class
  639. Extreme Night Sweats - Is it a Medication Side Effect?
  640. Managing Sickle Cell: Seeking Advice
  641. Depersonalization and Dissociative Identity Disorder
  642. Navigating a Late ADHD Diagnosis at Age 23
  643. Seeking Advice on Gender Journey Therapy
  644. Dealing with GERD and Disordered Eating
  645. Coping with Depersonalization: Tips and Tricks
  646. Managing Long Covid Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  647. How to Remember to Take Medication?
  648. Dealing with Irregular and Painful Periods: Need Advice
  649. Coping with Medical Trauma: How to Manage Unwanted Memories and Anxiety
  650. Newly Diagnosed with AFib and Scared of Blood Thinners
  651. Challenges of Diagnosing ASD in Females
  652. Struggling with a Gluten-Free Diet
  653. Coping with Anxiety and Depression without Alcohol
  654. Increasing Medication Doses for Anxiety and Depression
  655. Anxiety before bed: fear of dying in sleep
  656. Struggling with Mental Health
  657. Low Potassium in EDS: Anyone Else?
  658. Struggling with Anxiety Control
  659. Traveling with Chronic Fatigue & Pain: Tips and Experiences
  660. Looking for advice on medication for Bipolar Depression
  661. Excess Stoma Supplies - Sell or Donate?
  662. Fibromyalgia and Mental Health: The Connection Between Pain and Emotions
  663. Genetic Testing for hEDS
  664. Managing ADHD Symptoms: What Stimulants Have You Tried?
  665. Dealing with Nausea in POTS
  666. Experiencing Multiple Health Symptoms, Need Advice
  667. Anxiety is taking over, need advice
  668. Struggling with School and Health
  669. Ways to improve mental health without medication
  670. Changing Medication and Treatments: Is it Necessary?
  671. Struggling with Anxiety and Chest Pains
  672. Exploring the Similarities Between Bipolar and Schizophrenia
  673. Living with Multiple Health Conditions
  674. Non-Medical Treatments for Mental Health?
  675. Parosmia and Nausea: Safe Foods Making Me Sick?
  676. Effective Ways to Treat Depression
  677. Frequent Urination Without UTI
  678. How to Talk to Your Partner About Your Mental Health
  679. Dealing with Chronic Back Pain: Seeking Advice
  680. What Goes on in Therapy? A Peek Inside the Sessions
  681. Struggling with Anxiety and Productivity
  682. Looking for Alternative Treatments for Depression While on Wellbutrin
  683. Struggling with Dysphoria in My Thighs
  684. Looking for advice on managing IBS symptoms
  685. Struggling to Get Up for School Every Day
  686. Starting Buspar for Anxiety: Any Tips?
  687. Need advice on Modafinil for TBI fatigue
  688. Struggling with BPD and Histrionic Disorder: Has Anyone Been Turned Away by Ment…
  689. How to Calm Down Crippling Endometriosis Cramps?
  690. Miralax for IBS-D: Does it really work?
  691. Struggling with Low Libido in a Hypersexual Relationship
  692. Jaw Issues with EDS: Any Suggestions?
  693. Signs of Worsening Anxiety and Depression
  694. Constant Air Buildup in Chest/Throat
  695. Mood, Digestion and Hyper Mobility Issues
  696. When to Use the Epipen: A Guide
  697. Dealing with Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  698. Share Your Funniest Health Moment!
  699. Looking for Women with Lupus to Connect With
  700. Struggling with TieTze's Syndrome: Seeking Advice
  701. Exploring the Effectiveness of CBT-I for Insomnia
  702. Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis for Over 20 Years
  703. Question about BPD and Splitting in Relationships
  704. Can Smoking or Drugs Cause Derealization?
  705. Feeling Depressed on Effexor: What Should I Do?
  706. Struggling with Depression: Any Tips?
  707. Coping with a Condition in School
  708. Nightmares about my boyfriend
  709. UI/UX Designer in Colorado Seeking Coping Methods for Mental Health
  710. New to the App and Experiencing Symptoms: Is it the Birth Control?
  711. Struggling with Chronic Illness: Need Advice
  712. Stuck in my head: How do I get out?
  713. Looking for Natural Healing Methods
  714. Newly Diagnosed with Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis
  715. Coping with the World: Finding Joy Amidst Internal Struggles
  716. Living with Celiac Disease: My Story
  717. Struggling with Emotions on Lexapro
  718. When Were You Diagnosed with Epilepsy?
  719. Managing Pain: Tips and Tricks
  720. Dealing with Vitamin D Deficiency: Need Advice
  721. Did I Have a Seizure Last Night?
  722. Neurologist appointment for suspected MS
  723. Tips for Taking Medications on Time
  724. Post-Covid POTS: Anyone Else?
  725. Concerned about my recent medical diagnosis
  726. Depression and Puberty: Did Anyone Else Experience This?
  727. Dealing with Fear of Injections
  728. Should I Ask to Get Tested for Autism?
  729. Advice for Panic Attacks?
  730. Struggling with Chronic Conditions: Seeking Advice
  731. Struggling to Get Out of Bed: Tips and Tricks
  732. Struggling with Memory Loss: Need Advice
  733. Struggling to Keep a Job Due to My Condition
  734. Panic Attacks After Losing a Loved One
  735. Looking for New Antidepressants
  736. Dealing with Social Anxiety at School
  737. Seeking Advice on Zoloft Experience
  738. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts: Tips and Tricks
  739. Looking for natural ADHD remedies
  740. Constant fatigue on Abilify
  741. Is Changing My Outfit Multiple Times a Day an ADHD Thing?
  742. Struggling with Age Regression as a Coping Mechanism
  743. Dealing with Anxiety on Vacation
  744. Looking for Endometriosis Treatment Advice
  745. My Weird Gluten Reaction: Severe Migraine and Vomiting
  746. Long Road Trip with Chronic Illness and Pregnancy: Need Travel Tips!
  747. Overcoming Partial Paralysis: Emotional Struggles
  748. Seeking advice on managing chronic conditions
  749. PCOS and Long Periods: Seeking Advice
  750. How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
  751. Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant: Anyone Have Experience?
  752. Gabapentin for Anxiety: Experiences?
  753. Dealing with Secondary AI Symptoms After Prednisone Use
  754. Struggling with Gastroparesis: Need Help with My Diet
  755. New to the App and Looking for Connections
  756. New to the group, looking for support with temporal lobe epilepsy
  757. Struggling with Medical Treatments: Seeking Advice
  758. Struggling with Breathing Difficulty: Could it be VCD?
  759. Using Drugs to Cope with Illness
  760. Experiencing Ventricular Tachycardia and PVCs
  761. Looking for Anxiety Medication Advice
  762. Struggling to Focus on ADHD Medication
  763. Struggling with Expressing My Emotions in Public
  764. Dealing with Chest Dysphoria When You Can't Bind
  765. Struggling with Low Spoons Day
  766. Living with OCD, Bipolar Disorder, and Depression
  767. Vivid Nightmares: Struggling to Shake Them Off
  768. Consulting with Medical Specialists: Functional Medicine Docs
  769. Alternatives to Lexapro for Mental Health?
  770. Dealing with Brain Fog from ADHD & Fibromyalgia
  771. Cramp-like pain under right ribs, could it be endometriosis?
  772. Coping with Catheter Use: Seeking Insights and Support
  773. Need advice on getting diagnosed with vascular EDS
  774. Struggling with Emotional Eating
  775. First Head MRI - What to Expect?
  776. Looking for Successful Hormonal Acne Treatments
  777. Managing POTS Symptoms: Tips and Advice
  778. Has anyone had success with Prozac?
  779. PCOS Symptoms: Ghost Periods?
  780. Dealing with sudden anxiety attacks
  781. Missed a Dose of Humira and Feeling Anxious
  782. Dealing with Joint Pain from POTS
  783. Late ADHD Diagnosis: Anyone Else?
  784. Is it time to increase my trazodone dose?
  785. Managing Keloid Scars: Tips and Advice
  786. Fantasizing About Time Travel to Fix the Past
  787. Should I Get Officially Diagnosed with ASD at 22?
  788. Constant Stimming: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  789. Coping with Losing a BPD FP
  790. Dealing with a Persistent Migraine
  791. Dealing with Alopecia: Medications and Emotional Strain
  792. Processing my ADHD diagnosis
  793. Managing Epilepsy: Self-Care Tips
  794. Can Exercise Trigger Migraines? Exploring the Link
  795. Is My Boyfriend Using My Mental Illness Against Me?
  796. Dealing with Everyday Triggers: Need Advice
  797. Exploring ADHD Medications: What Are Your Options?
  798. How Often Do You Experience Lows?
  799. Seeking Alternatives to Gabapentin for Nerve Pain Relief
  800. Starting Zoloft Again After 2 Months - Need Advice
  801. Dealing with Upsetting Thoughts While Running Errands
  802. Anxiety and Boundaries: Coping Strategies Needed
  803. Chamomile Tea for Better Sleep
  804. Prescribed Adderall for Possible ADHD - Looking for Experiences
  805. Struggling with ADHD and Trauma Brain
  806. Dealing with Chronic Pain Flare Ups
  807. Dealing with Negative Self Talk at Work
  808. Dealing with the uncertainties of pursuing a diagnosis
  809. Dealing with Migraines: Any Suggestions?
  810. Concerned about Adderall side effects
  811. Can't Sleep Because of Anxiety: Any Tips?
  812. Using CBD for Mental Health: How Did You Discover It?
  813. My Chart Password and Medical Certification
  814. Always Tired Despite Sleep Apnea Diagnosis
  815. Difficulty Breathing with Dyautonomia
  816. Suspecting EDS: Seeking Input
  817. Need help with GAD panic attacks around kids
  818. Overcoming Sensory-Based Fears: How to Breathe Easy Again
  819. What to Expect at an EDS Diagnosis Appointment?
  820. Has anyone had success with Wellbutrin for ADHD/Anxiety?
  821. Skipping Meds: Is It Really That Bad?
  822. Toxicity or Mental Illness?
  823. Debunking BPD Myths: Can You Have Other Diagnoses?
  824. Advice for washing extremely matted hair
  825. Struggling with Hypothyroidism: Need Advice
  826. Dealing with Health Anxiety: Tips and Advice
  827. Cooking with Diet Restrictions: Any Tips?
  828. How to Advocate for Yourself as an Autistic Person
  829. Do I have to differentiate my alters when talking to others?
  830. ER Visit After Episode: Anyone Else Experienced This?
  831. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Tips for Bad Days
  832. Dealing with Self-Hating Thoughts
  833. Struggling to cope without ADHD medication
  834. Stomach Pain and Heartburn: Need Suggestions
  835. How to Track Progress with Depression?
  836. Switching Anxiety/Depression Meds: Need Advice
  837. Looking for non-stimulant ADHD medication without side effects
  838. Dealing with Hard Days: Seeking Support
  839. Alternative Treatment Options for My Condition?
  840. Introducing Myself: Dealing with Anxiety and Depression
  841. Coping with ARFID: Seeking Advice
  842. Tips for Living with an Illness: Lessons Learned
  843. Ketamine Therapy for Depression: Has Anyone Tried It?
  844. Trouble Making Phone Calls with ADHD
  845. Struggling with constipation and diarrhea on a gluten-free diet
  846. Tips for Dealing with Panic Attacks
  847. Constant Nasal Congestion: What's Going On?
  848. Struggling with Chronic Back Pain and Seeking Advice
  849. Considering Online Psychiatry: Is It Worth Trying?
  850. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  851. Small Fiber Neuropathy Diagnosis - Seeking Advice
  852. Share Your Weirdest Tics with Us!
  853. Coping with Quetiapine Drowsiness
  854. Struggling with Emetophobia and Anxiety
  855. Looking for an alternative to Effexor XR
  856. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue: Need Advice
  857. Tips for Giving Yourself Haegarda Injections?
  858. Struggling to Escape Reality
  859. Dealing with Mood Swings: Seeking Advice on BPD
  860. Dealing with Idiopathic Gastroparesis
  861. Need Shower Tips for Painful Water Sensation
  862. Anxiety and Calling Off Work Due to Pain
  863. Anxiety and POTS: How They Affect Each Other
  864. Nerve Compression in Wrist and Cervical Spine: Surgery Ahead
  865. Lexapro, Buspirone, and Bupropion Combo
  866. How to Sleep After a Terrifying Nightmare?
  867. Anxiety and Sleep: Does Anyone Else Worry About Their Heartbeat?
  868. Mood Swings on Birth Control: Anyone Else?
  869. Always Hungry and Thirsty - What's Going On?
  870. Struggling to Regulate Body Temperature
  871. ADHD Meltdown: How Do You Cope?
  872. Dealing with Anxiety and Pressure to Succeed
  873. Switching Lexapro Dosage Time
  874. Exploring Additional Diagnoses with EDS Diagnosis
  875. Looking for Neuropathy Relief Resources
  876. Dealing with Chronic Gastritis: Seeking Advice
  877. Is Vyvance the best ADHD medication?
  878. Struggling with ADHD and Trauma Brain
  879. Dealing with Upsetting Thoughts While Running Errands
  880. Struggling to Identify My Mood Swings
  881. Exhausted and Losing Weight: Seeking Advice
  882. Struggling to be myself at work with ADHD
  883. Train Your Own Gluten Detection Dog!
  884. Dealing with itchy blotches on my feet after work
  885. Feeling Self-Conscious in Public
  886. Pins and Needles at the Top of My Head
  887. Sharing Chronic Illness Life Hacks and Tips
  888. Struggling with SPD and Hearing Sensitivity
  889. Pelvic Swelling: How to Look Not Pregnant?
  890. Struggling to Get Through the Day
  891. Do Supplements Really Work?
  892. Need advice on Ativan for panic attacks
  893. Dealing with Anxiety and Control Issues
  894. New Laptop Purchase and Manic Episode Triggers
  895. Looking for advice on medication
  896. Antidepressants and Low Libido: Anyone Else?
  897. Dealing with Mania: What Works for You?
  898. Unwanted Facial Hair with PCOS
  899. COVID aftermath: Gut issues and feeling different
  900. CBD for Anxiety: Does it Work?
  901. New to ADHD, looking for information
  902. Concerned about Depakote prescription for sleep
  903. Struggling with Mental Health and Pills
  904. Dealing with Interstitial Cystitis: Coping Strategies
  905. Experimenting with Hyperfixations to Control Nightmares
  906. Alternatives to Birth Control for Endometriosis Treatment
  907. Freezing up during a doctor's appointment
  908. Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
  909. Looking for Ketamine Infusion Therapy Advice in PA
  910. Coping Mechanisms: What Works for You?
  911. Dealing with Joint Pain in Marfan Syndrome
  912. IIH Surgery: Share Your Experience
  913. Recommendations for Ear Plugs and Fidget Objects to Help with Sensory Overload?
  914. Struggling with Sadness After a Breakup
  915. Brain Fog and Chest Pain with Anxiety: Should I Be Concerned?
  916. Balance Issues After Brain Surgery: Coping at Work
  917. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  918. How to Tell if You're Hallucinating or Not
  919. Dealing with EM during pregnancy
  920. Causes of Flare Ups: Weather, Stress or Both?
  921. Looking for fellow narcoleptics to share experiences with
  922. Starting Adderall IR - Looking for Experiences
  923. Lamictal Dosage and Effectiveness
  924. Coping with Anxiety, Panic, and Flashbacks
  925. Seborrheic Eczema on Scalp and Ears
  926. Feeling Tired When Interested in Something - Is it Related to ASD?
  927. Adding Symptoms to Profile for Better Match
  928. Creating a Self-Care Survival Kit: Tips and Tricks
  929. Dealing with Recurring Conversion Disorder: Tips Needed
  930. Am I Faking Tourette's?
  931. Struggling with PCOS and Irregular Periods
  932. Managing Chronic Pain at Work
  933. Experiencing Splitting with BPD
  934. Need Help with Heartburn and Stomach Cramps
  935. Tips for Maintaining Energy Levels Throughout the Day
  936. Symptom Progression After Diagnosis
  937. Questioning My Mental State
  938. Tips for Job Interviews with Anxiety
  939. Seeking advice for high cholesterol and heart problems
  940. Balancing Exercise and Health: Tips for Managing Symptoms
  941. Overcoming Your Darkest Moments: Tips and Tricks
  942. Struggling with Mobility Issues in a Labor Intensive Job
  943. Looking for Doctor Recommendations and Supplements
  944. Trouble Eating: Is It Just Me?
  945. Dealing with Anxiety-Related Physical Symptoms
  946. Stiffening Leg Affecting My Balance
  947. Dealing with Work Fatigue
  948. Looking for Natural Remedies for PMDD Symptoms
  949. Natural remedies for Fibro pain?
  950. Looking for Connection and Understanding
  951. Do You Have POTS and Bladder Function Issues?
  952. Learning About Personality Disorders
  953. What made you realize you were trans?
  954. How long have you been dealing with COVID-19?
  955. Struggling with Nighttime Sleep
  956. Incontinence on Zoloft: Should I Switch Medications?
  957. New to the app and looking for help with my Lupus diagnosis
  958. Experiencing Brain Zaps on Antidepressants
  959. Lithium for Bipolar 1: Any Side Effects?
  960. How Does an Inhaler Work? Understanding Asthma Treatment
  961. Sensitive Head Pain When Leaning on Hard Surfaces
  962. Coping with BPD as a Minor: Seeking Advice
  963. Advice for Falling Asleep with Chronic Pain?
  964. Anxiety after Naps: Any Tips?
  965. Exploring Self-Directed Therapy Options
  966. Looking for advice on ADHD medication
  967. Misdiagnosis: The Journey to Finding the Right Diagnosis
  968. Transitioning to an Insulin Pump: Trusting the Algorithm
  969. Managing Chronic Illness: Coping with Fatigue and Pain
  970. Living with EDS: How Do You Manage Your Physical Limits?
  971. Can People with Bipolar Disorder Have a Favorite Person?
  972. Struggling to Accept My OCD Diagnosis
  973. How to suggest trying Adderall for ADHD?
  974. Struggling with Depression During Menstruation
  975. Looking for ADHD coping strategies
  976. Misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia?
  977. The Pros and Cons of Living with a Health Condition
  978. Do Anxiety Medications Give You More Anxiety?
  979. Waiting for the Call: My Journey to a Kidney Transplant
  980. Alternative Treatments for Depression and Anxiety?
  981. Dealing with Joint Pain: Seeking Advice and Support
  982. Tips for Managing Medication
  983. Dealing with Chronic Illness and Burnout in the Working Class
  984. Looking for Bipolar Medication Recommendations
  985. Onset of Comorbid Conditions with EDS
  986. Struggling with Lack of Motivation and Depression
  987. Looking for advice on medication alternatives for anxiety
  988. Need help quitting smoking
  989. Struggling with Anxiety and Tachycardia
  990. Feeling Like a Fun Sucker on Day 1 of Family Vaca
  991. Need Help with Shoulder and Spine Pain
  992. Advice for getting strep throat tests?
  993. Help! My HS is affecting my clothing choices
  994. Struggling with Light Sensitivity
  995. Dealing with a Possible Bowel Obstruction
  996. Dealing with Arthritis Pain: Need Advice
  997. How to Stop Nail Biting: My Solution
  998. Managing Stress and Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  999. Wheezing and Crackling Noise While Breathing
  1000. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Possible RA Diagnosis
  1001. Looking for ADHD treatment alternatives
  1002. Need advice on losing weight while on psych meds
  1003. Looking for IVIG Treatment Updates
  1004. Left Abdominal Pain: Need Advice
  1005. Walking with a cane for the first time
  1006. Living with Dysautonomia: My Journey So Far
  1007. Health Tips: What Helped You With Your Condition?
  1008. Dealing with Chronic Pain Flare Ups
  1009. Dealing with PTSD Nightmares: Any Tips?
  1010. Need advice on managing my diet and health
  1011. Prozac Dosage and Effectiveness
  1012. Coping with Panic Attacks: Seeking Advice and Support
  1013. Back to Therapy: A Hopeful Journey
  1014. Struggling to Regain Strength After Lyme Disease
  1015. Navigating Dissociative Identity Disorder: Seeking Tips and Encouragement
  1016. Need help with swollen legs and feet
  1017. Looking for others with Whitecoat Syndrome Hypertension
  1018. Dealing with Nausea: Any Tips?
  1019. Helping My Autistic Boyfriend Find a Job
  1020. Dealing with Eczema While Traveling: Seeking Advice
  1021. Drinking Decaf Coffee with Thyroid Medication: What You Need to Know
  1022. Unrecognized ADHD Symptoms: Share Your Experience
  1023. Inexpensive Gluten and Dairy-Free Food Options?
  1024. Looking for HS Medication Recommendations
  1025. Struggling to Get Out of Bed with Depression
  1026. Subclinical Hashis: Feeling Ill Despite Normal Labs
  1027. Looking for Advice on Managing Multiple Mental and Chronic Health Conditions
  1028. Struggling with weight gain after long Covid
  1029. ER Visit for Anxiety: Anyone Else?
  1030. Dealing with Memory Issues in POTS
  1031. Switching from Zoloft to Lexapro: Advice on Dealing with Fatigue?
  1032. Myofascia Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
  1033. Managing Motivation and Sleep with ADHD and Depression
  1034. When to Ask for a Mobility Aid: Tips and Advice
  1035. Newly Diagnosed with RA and Struggling with Spinal Problems
  1036. Persistent Dizziness with Hashimoto's: Anyone Else?
  1037. Dealing with ADHD Paralysis: Tips and Tricks
  1038. Feeling Like You're Dying with Chronic Illness
  1039. Misdiagnosed with BPD? Looking for Advice
  1040. What Are the Symptoms of Autism That You Experience Intensely?
  1041. Considering a Medication Change: Pristiq to Vraylar
  1042. Nightmares on Lamotrogine: Anyone Else?
  1043. To Medicate or Not to Medicate: That is the Question
  1044. Masking: Coping Mechanism or Self-Destructive Behavior?
  1045. Need advice on irregular periods and OBGYN appointment
  1046. Overcoming Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1047. Navigating Emotions on Medication
  1048. Possible Bipolar II in ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression?
  1049. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  1050. Struggling with Hashimoto's Symptoms
  1051. Feeling Alone and Helpless
  1052. Relapsing Polychondritis and AIP Diet
  1053. Coping with Anxiety Attacks in School
  1054. Seeking advice for chronic pain and cysts
  1055. Bruising Easily with EDS: Seeking Advice
  1056. Dealing with Urinary Frequency and Urgency
  1057. Tips for falling asleep quickly
  1058. Unrecognized Schizophrenia Symptoms and Public Behavior
  1059. Dealing with Loose Joints: Seeking Advice for Ehlers-Danlos Symptoms
  1060. First Infusion Ever - What to Expect?
  1061. Need Help Understanding Bipolar Disorder
  1062. PCOS and Pain: Anyone Else?
  1063. Feeling Frustrated with My Neurologist's Treatment for Migraines
  1064. Struggling with Hormonal Cystic Acne
  1065. Dealing with Chronic Fissures: Need Advice
  1066. Pregnancy and Anti-Depressants: Seeking Advice
  1067. Seeking advice on mental health medication
  1068. High Liver Enzymes - Seeking Advice
  1069. Can't Sleep, Exhausted All Day
  1070. Coping with ADHD: Need advice!
  1071. Dealing with Parents Who Don't Believe Your Diagnosis
  1072. ADHD and Weed: Can Cannabis Help or Harm?
  1073. Breaking the OCD Stereotypes: How to Explain Your Condition to Others
  1074. Coping with Panic Disorder without Medication
  1075. Worried about how my condition affects those around me
  1076. Low Body Temperature and Fever Symptoms
  1077. Struggling with Sleep: My Lifelong Battle
  1078. Managing RA Flares: Seeking Advice
  1079. Looking for Support with Joint Protection and Weight Loss
  1080. What are some common symptoms?
  1081. Dealing with Urinary Incontinence: How Long Have You Been Suffering?
  1082. Feeling Alone in My Mold Exposure Recovery Journey
  1083. Can a Tic Disorder Cause Uneven Shoulders?
  1084. Struggling with ADHD and Socializing
  1085. Hair Removal and HS: What Works Best?
  1086. Is Self Diagnosis Reliable? The Pros and Cons
  1087. Coping with Multiple Sclerosis: How Are You Doing?
  1088. Can't Stop a Simple Habit, Need Help
  1089. Looking for Treatments for Chronic Fatigue and Depression
  1090. Coping with Feeling Disconnected from Reality
  1091. Low Heart Rate at 16: Is it Normal?
  1092. Struggling with ADHD Medication
  1093. Struggling with Daily Responsibilities
  1094. Struggling with Bladder Control in Public
  1095. Considering Decompression Surgery: Need Advice
  1096. Connecting with others living with chronic conditions
  1097. Conquering the Couch Coma: Need Suggestions
  1098. Dealing with Overstimulation: Tips and Tricks
  1099. Struggling to get an ADHD diagnosis
  1100. Tips for Dealing with Depression
  1101. Dealing with Tendinitis in My Ankle
  1102. Loss of appetite for months, need advice
  1103. Has anyone had Bariatric Surgery to help with AFib?
  1104. Dealing with Endometriosis: Seeking Advice
  1105. Dealing with Forgetfulness: Tips and Tricks
  1106. Living with a Condition: How it Affects My Life
  1107. Struggling with the Desire to Eat and Fear of Weight Gain
  1108. Zoning Out and Emotional Drain: Anyone Else?
  1109. Managing Pain in Wheelchair Racing
  1110. Coping with Multiple Comorbid Disorders
  1111. Should I try ADHD medication again?
  1112. Dealing with Severe Symptoms Due to Hormonal Changes
  1113. Living with RSD: Can I Still Exercise?
  1114. Questions about Chronic Pain Management
  1115. Diagnosis Progress: Share Your Experience
  1116. Coping with a Medical Condition: My Experience with Betahistine
  1117. Cymbalta not working for me, anyone else?
  1118. Managing OCD: Tips and Tricks
  1119. Coping with Chronic Illness Fatigue
  1120. Neuropathy and Celiac: Anyone Else Dealing with This?
  1121. Effects of Weed and Psychedelics on Insomnia
  1122. Mold Detox Protocol - What Has Worked for You?
  1123. Help! High Fiber Diet Flare Up Symptoms
  1124. Lamitrogine for Bipolar 2: Experiences?
  1125. Long Term Plantar Fasciitis - Any Success Stories?
  1126. How to Get Back to Sleep After Waking Up?
  1127. Trying to Lose Weight Without Anxiety Medication
  1128. Fear of Vomiting in Public
  1129. Excessive Belching and Gas Pains with IBS: Am I Alone?
  1130. Possible OCD Diagnosis: Need Advice
  1131. Struggling to Get an Autism Diagnosis as a Successful Woman
  1132. Seeking advice on getting diagnosed with AS
  1133. Struggling with Undiagnosed Thyroid Condition
  1134. Looking for Lesser Known Endometriosis Pain Tips
  1135. Controlling Weight Gain on Bipolar Meds
  1136. Tips for Carb Counting and Meal Planning
  1137. New to the app and coping with OCD
  1138. Coping Skills Needed: Any Suggestions?
  1139. Feeling the Swallow: Is it Normal?
  1140. Struggling with Overeating When Off My ADD Meds
  1141. Has Anyone Experienced UTIs Caused by Kidney Stones?
  1142. Tips for Combating Fatigue and Boosting Mood
  1143. Coping with Bladder Frequency and Pelvic Pain
  1144. Struggling with Intrusive Thoughts: Seeking OCD Management Tips
  1145. Tingling in Arms and Hands When I Urinate
  1146. Dealing with Dizziness: Tips and Tricks
  1147. Uncomfortable Pain Below Left Breast - Has Anyone Else Felt This?
  1148. Gag Reflex and Anxiety: What's the Connection?
  1149. Norethindrone for Endometriosis: Experiences and Side Effects
  1150. Linzess Side Effects: Will It Blowout My Butthole?
  1151. Constant Dissociation - Need Grounding Techniques
  1152. Struggling with Sleep: Need Recommendations for Medication
  1153. Managing Type 2 Diabetes: Seeking Advice
  1154. Dealing with Medication Shortages: Anyone Else Struggling?
  1155. Struggling with Depression and Job Loss
  1156. Seeking Raynauds Treatment Recommendations
  1157. Diagnosed with OCD, seeking advice on symptoms
  1158. Struggling with Body Image and Eating Habits
  1159. Struggling with Disability Acceptance and Work
  1160. Tramadol: Personal Experiences?
  1161. First Diagnosis: Real or Fake?
  1162. Diagnosed with Conversion Disorder, Need Advice
  1163. Weed and Mental Health: Finding a Balance
  1164. Misdiagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 10 Years
  1165. Struggling with OCD: Looking for Advice
  1166. Living with OCD, Bi-Polar Disorder, and ADHD
  1167. Exploring the Root Causes of Fibromyalgia
  1168. Effective PMDD Treatments Beyond Birth Control and Medication
  1169. Struggling with Motivation to Eat
  1170. Looking for Better Ways to Manage My Symptoms
  1171. Looking for successful GERD treatments
  1172. Struggling to swallow pills
  1173. Do therapists have to report childhood abuse?
  1174. Pelvic Pain and SI Joint Dysfunction
  1175. Tips for Relaxing with Anxiety
  1176. Struggling with Anxiety Medication
  1177. Recently diagnosed with bipolar, scared to try medication
  1178. Seeking Advice on Septoplasty, Turbinate Reduction, and Rhinoplasty
  1179. Need Tips for Colonoscopy Prep
  1180. Dealing with Chronic Joint Pain: Seeking Diagnosis and Relief
  1181. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1182. Struggling to Concentrate with Bipolar Disorder
  1183. Coming and Going of Special Interests
  1184. Exercising with Psoriatic Arthritis: Running vs Walking
  1185. Feeling ashamed for needing help
  1186. Questions about Bipolar Two Diagnosis
  1187. Tips for getting out of a long depressive episode?
  1188. Starting Physical Therapy: Any Tips?
  1189. Managing Health with MTHFR Mutation: Best Treatment/Lifestyle Change?
  1190. Struggling to Eat Regularly: Any Tips?
  1191. Struggling with Eating: Any Tips?
  1192. Is Adderall a Good Medication for ADHD?
  1193. Need advice on managing POTS symptoms
  1194. Coping with Emetophobia: Fear of Vomiting
  1195. Trazadone causing nightmares and cold sweats?
  1196. Do I Have Bipolar Disorder and Ulcerative Colitis or IBS?
  1197. Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms and Signs
  1198. Struggling with Anxiety and Shyness
  1199. Help with identifying my digestive issue
  1200. Overcoming My Fear of Needles: Seeking Advice
  1201. Best Antidepressants: Seeking Advice
  1202. New to Medication, Seeking Advice
  1203. Struggling to Keep Up with Online Communication
  1204. Tips for Exercising with Exercise-Induced Asthma
  1205. Epilepsy, Celiac, and Pregnancy: Seeking Advice
  1206. Living with Fibromyalgia, IBS, and Vulvodynia
  1207. Dealing with Sleep Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1208. Looking for experiences with stimulants for CFS
  1209. Dealing with Chronic Pain: How to Cope When Medication Fails
  1210. Dealing with Unexpected Depressive Episodes
  1211. Living with Celiac and Epilepsy: Seeking Advice
  1212. Dealing with Valley Fever and Cocci Pneumonia
  1213. New to the community, looking for advice on managing fibromyalgia
  1214. Managing Anxiety: Seeking Pointers
  1215. Managing OCD: Tips and Tricks
  1216. Dealing with Partial Deafness: Anyone Else Out There?
  1217. Should I Talk to My Therapist About Autism Symptoms?
  1218. How to Overcome Anxiety During Presentations?
  1219. Is Talk Therapy Effective for ASD?
  1220. My Experience with Deep Brain Stimulation at 18
  1221. Struggling with Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  1222. Managing Executive Dysfunction: Tips and Tricks
  1223. Starting PMDD Treatment with Zoloft and Abilify
  1224. Need advice on getting rid of sweat odor after shunt replacement surgery
  1225. Can't Sleep, Need Help!
  1226. Opinions on Zoloft as an Antidepressant?
  1227. Exploring the Impact of Fibromyalgia on Relationships
  1228. Living with ADHD: How Has It Affected You?
  1229. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression Despite Bipolar Diagnosis
  1230. Advice for Reducing Fatigue?
  1231. Tremors and Inner Movements: Seeking Advice
  1232. Sensory Sensitivity on Skin - Is it EDS Related?
  1233. Has anyone tried Linzess for mixed type IBS?
  1234. Struggling with Gender Dysphoria
  1235. Living with Fibromyalgia, IBS, and Vulvodynia
  1236. Introducing Myself: Living with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto Thyroiditis
  1237. Managing Adderall Crash: Tips and Tricks
  1238. How Can I Lose Weight?
  1239. Does Adderall give you diarrhea?
  1240. Looking for Endometriosis Support
  1241. ADHD and Emotional Regulation in Relationships
  1242. Feeling Fuzzy and Tingly for a Week - Any Advice?
  1243. Dealing with Jaw Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1244. Coping with Mental Health: Beyond Medications
  1245. Best Medicine for Insomnia and Anxiety?
  1246. Has Zoloft helped you? Share your experience
  1247. Need Help with All Over Body Hives
  1248. Quick Tips for Calming Anxiety
  1249. Struggling with Chest Dysphoria as a Trans Guy
  1250. Seeking Advice on Medication Side Effects
  1251. Can't Sleep at Night, Can't Stay Awake During the Day
  1252. Managing Hip Dysplasia Pain with EDS
  1253. Managing Anxiety and Panic: Tips and Tricks
  1254. Experience with Lithium?
  1255. Alternative ways to calm down from anxiety?
  1256. 30-day period with big clots, need advice
  1257. What's Your Go-To Coping Mechanism?
  1258. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1259. Overcoming My Fear of Needles
  1260. Seeking Advice: Is there a specialist I should see?
  1261. Looking for Wellbutrin Experiences
  1262. Coping with Severe Depression: Any Advice?
  1263. Looking for Jobs for Severely Mentally Ill People
  1264. Tips for preparing for my first MRI with and without contrast?
  1265. Living with Genital Herpes: Seeking Support and Hopeful Stories
  1266. Forced off T after IIH diagnosis, seeking advice
  1267. IBS Flare-Up Triggers: Anyone Else?
  1268. Dealing with Celiac Disease and Unexpected Symptoms
  1269. Struggling with Anxiety, Depression, and Possibly ADHD
  1270. Blood pressure issues with Fibro diagnosis
  1271. Struggling with ADHD Medication
  1272. Double Vision - When Does It Happen?
  1273. Starting My Gender Transition: Tips and Advice
  1274. Struggling with Medication: Need Study Tips
  1275. Looking for advice on SIBO treatment
  1276. Dealing with Anxiety During Family Crises
  1277. Daily Motivation and Happiness: Tips and Tricks
  1278. What's the Toughest Part of Living with IBS?
  1279. Struggling with Mental Health Diagnosis
  1280. Recovery from Occipital Nerve Decompression Surgery
  1281. Managing Chronic Pain While Sleeping
  1282. Living with Disabilities: How Does it Affect Your Life?
  1283. Losing My Sex Drive During Depression: Anyone Else?
  1284. Need help to stop picking my lips due to OCD and anxiety
  1285. Need help staying awake with Adderall
  1286. Living with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: My Story
  1287. Living with Trichotillomania: Seeking Support
  1288. Managing Bipolar Episodes: Medication and Therapy
  1289. Can Diabetes Type 1 Cause Hair Loss?
  1290. Hashimoto's and Extreme Fatigue: Anyone Else?
  1291. Tips for Quitting Vaping and Finding Alternatives to Stim With
  1292. Blackouts during Panic Attacks
  1293. First therapy session for chronic illness
  1294. How to Stop Obsessing Over Irrational Thoughts?
  1295. Dealing with Medication Side Effects: Tips and Tricks
  1296. Differentiating Mania from General Wellbeing in Bipolar Disorder
  1297. Seeking advice for EDS treatment
  1298. Why is My Memory So Bad at 22?
  1299. Caffeine and Pain: How Does Your Body React?
  1300. Struggling to differentiate between OCD and normal thoughts
  1301. Why do I pull my hair?
  1302. Tips for Taking Thyroid Medication
  1303. Struggling with Bipolar Depression: Seeking Similar Experiences
  1304. Best Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, and C-PTSD?
  1305. Looking for experiences with Orilissa for endometriosis
  1306. Tips for Managing Tension Headaches and Migraines
  1307. Struggling to Let Go of Things: Need Advice
  1308. Constant Pain in Multiple Areas, What Could It Be?
  1309. Looking for Pain Relief Suggestions
  1310. Gluten-Free Dessert Options for a Sweet Tooth
  1311. Car Accident Injury: Need Advice on Taking Time Off Work
  1312. Seeking advice on taking Prozac for anxiety and depression
  1313. Recommendations for Mobility Aids for POTS?
  1314. Feeling Better When Sick: A Mental Health Discussion
  1315. Dealing with Chronic Illness Burnout: Tips and Advice
  1316. Struggling with My Sexual Identity
  1317. Struggling with Sports Bras Due to Scoliosis
  1318. Need advice for severe asthma
  1319. Weight and Depression: Is There a Connection?
  1320. Dealing with Hypermobile Joint Pain: Seeking Advice
  1321. Struggling to Eat with Ehlers Danlos: Need Advice
  1322. How to Stop Anxiety Attacks When Feeling Sick?
  1323. Registering my cat as an ESA for college
  1324. Looking for advice on stopping medication
  1325. Coping with a Diagnosis: How Did You Do It?
  1326. 24 Year Old Female Struggling with Chronic Pain and EDS
  1327. Questioning My Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  1328. Getting an Autism Diagnosis at 18: What to Expect?
  1329. Back to Back Night Terrors, Need Advice
  1330. Dealing with Venous Insufficiency Pain in Legs
  1331. Struggling with Abdominal Pain After Colon Removal
  1332. Dealing with Chronic Illness and Mental Health Struggles
  1333. Nausea and Anxiety with Collagenous Colitis
  1334. Struggling to Get Back into Physical Therapy with Cerebral Palsy
  1335. Struggling with Health Anxiety and Need Advice
  1336. Dealing with College Anxiety: Bathroom and Food Worries
  1337. Bloody diarrhea after ileostomy reversal surgery
  1338. How to break free from negative thought loops?
  1339. Living with Chronic Pain: My Story
  1340. Looking for new treatments for RSDS/CRPS
  1341. Anxiety and Gastritis: How to Cope?
  1342. Looking for non-prescription anti-nausea treatments
  1343. CRPS Recurrence: Anyone Else Experience This?
  1344. How to Make Sleeping Easier Without Negative Effects?
  1345. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome in Mental Health
  1346. Dealing with Medical Anxiety: Tips Needed
  1347. Dealing with Breakup Anxiety: Tips and Advice
  1348. Pros and Cons of Getting Professionally Diagnosed
  1349. How do I tell my parents I think I'm autistic?
  1350. Talking about my newly diagnosed condition: is it okay?
  1351. Newly Diagnosed with Bi-polar: Seeking Advice
  1352. Experiences with Vyvanse
  1353. How to manage lack of appetite on ADHD meds?
  1354. Help! I can't stop having nightmares
  1355. Struggling with Fibromyalgia: Need Help Getting Back on Track
  1356. Considering Therapy: Seeking Advice
  1357. Dealing with Scoliosis Pain: Seeking Advice
  1358. Share Your Anxiety Treatment Stories
  1359. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  1360. Struggling with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder
  1361. Looking for Breast Cancer Support Group
  1362. Is Lamictal Worth Taking?
  1363. Looking for Lupus Support
  1364. Eye injury and my birthday
  1365. Dealing with Kidney Stones: Blood in Urine
  1366. Dealing with Raynauds Symptoms and Medication Side Effects
  1367. Need Help with Focus During Exams
  1368. Living with Lupus: My Experience So Far
  1369. Struggling to Get Out of Bed in the Morning
  1370. Can't Stop Dreaming About Mental Hospital
  1371. Dealing with Panic Attacks Triggered by Medical Procedures
  1372. Understanding My Condition: Seeking Diagnosis
  1373. Effective Grounding Techniques for Derealization
  1374. Difficulty Speaking: Brain vs. Mouth
  1375. Overcoming Driving Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1376. Looking for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief: Any Medication Suggestions?
  1377. How to Help with Withdrawals
  1378. Relieving Social Anxiety: Tips and Tricks
  1379. Feeling Guilty for Taking Time to Rest
  1380. Considering Antidepressants: Seeking Perspectives
  1381. Looking for Natural Alternatives to Zoloft
  1382. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  1383. Is obsession a symptom of schizo?
  1384. Apathy and Hygiene: A Struggle
  1385. Has anyone had the endometriosis surgery?
  1386. Switching Eating Disorder Symptoms: From Restricting to Binge Eating
  1387. Coping with Nighttime Depersonalization
  1388. Dealing with Horrible Menstrual Cramps
  1389. Recovering from Stroke: Challenges with Movement
  1390. Strategies for carrying hot dishes with bad balance days
  1391. Dealing with Anxiety-Induced IBS: Seeking Advice
  1392. Struggling with Hypothyroidism and Medication
  1393. Has anyone had success with epidural steroid injections for lumbar herniations?
  1394. Alternative Ways to Improve Mental Health
  1395. Surviving Fibromyalgia's Worst Days: Tips and Tricks
  1396. Tips for Grounding During Dissociation
  1397. Carbonated Beverages Causing Digestive Issues
  1398. Looking for Friends with Hashimoto's Symptoms
  1399. When were you diagnosed with POTS?
  1400. Dealing with Health Anxiety: How to Stop Scaring Yourself
  1401. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  1402. Belly Pains After Being Diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolisms
  1403. Struggling with Sleep and Bedtime Procrastination with ADHD
  1404. In Need of a Friend: Battling Loneliness with My Condition
  1405. Best Migraine Medications: What Works for You?
  1406. Dealing with Embarrassing Tonsil Stones
  1407. Ways to Mitigate Mental Health Symptoms
  1408. MVP Diagnosis: Severity and Treatment
  1409. How to deal with OCD when meeting new people?
  1410. Coping with Severe Fibromyalgia: Looking for Advice
  1411. Managing IC Pain: Tips and Tricks
  1412. Anyone else with anxiety have trouble with daydreaming?
  1413. Dealing with Gynecological Pain: Hormonal Contraceptives or IUD?
  1414. Dizziness and Anxiety: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  1415. How to stop nail biting?
  1416. Struggling with Appetite: Anyone Else?
  1417. Can Music Really Help Improve Your Mental Health?
  1418. Dealing with Antidepressant-Induced Diarrhea
  1419. Overcoming Anxiety with the Help of My Emotional Support Dog
  1420. Newbie seeking advice for managing health condition
  1421. Headphones in Public: Coping with Anxiety
  1422. Switching to Natural Supplements for Medication: Is it Safe?
  1423. Looking for advice on emotional support and service animals
  1424. Dealing with OCD in social situations
  1425. Looking for a Liver Detox That Works
  1426. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health
  1427. Managing Lymphedema without Medication
  1428. Do I Need a Second Opinion on My Aneurysm Dissection?
  1429. Mid-class Panic Attack: What to Do?
  1430. Tips for Managing Anxiety and Stress During Adderall Come-Downs
  1431. Can a Pituitary Adenoma Disappear?
  1432. Does Epilepsy Go Away?
  1433. Reducing Moon Face from Prednisone: Tips and Tricks
  1434. How to Manage Vertigo Symptoms
  1435. Do I Have ADHD in Addition to Bipolar Disorder?
  1436. Tight Choking Sensation Around Throat - Need Help!
  1437. Losing Weight for Gender Affirmation
  1438. Coping with Anxiety and Depression
  1439. Exploring Unknown Mental Health Disorders
  1440. Worried about my health, need advice
  1441. Period Problems on Birth Control
  1442. Navigating PCOS Treatment: A New Journey
  1443. Need advice on pilonidal cyst surgery
  1444. Introducing Myself and My Chronic Health Issues
  1445. Holistic Pain Remedies: Share Your Experience
  1446. Managing Thyroid Cancer Medications
  1447. Covid-19 and Neutropenia: What Information Have You Received?
  1448. Struggling with Anxiety and Depression Medications
  1449. Share Your Experience with Medication
  1450. Living with Scleroderma: My Liquor Diet
  1451. Heaviness in Legs with Hip Arthritis
  1452. Understanding NT PROBNP Blood Test Results for Heart Failure Patients
  1453. Struggling with Gluten-free and Vegetarian Diet
  1454. Dealing with a Flare: Seeking Advice for Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
  1455. Struggling with Communication Skills and Rejection Sensitivity
  1456. How to Stop Picking at My Hair?
  1457. Weak and Shaky Muscles on Bad Days
  1458. Struggling with BPD Symptoms
  1459. Looking for Advice on Reducing Bipolar Medication Dosage
  1460. Looking for Others Who Had a Heart Transplant at a Young Age
  1461. Understanding Special Interests in Autism
  1462. Living with High Functioning Autism
  1463. Dealing with Major Depressive Flare: Need Advice
  1464. Long COVID Symptoms and Anxiety
  1465. Possible Celiac Diagnosis - Seeking Advice
  1466. Looking for insight on Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome
  1467. Best time to take Lexapro?
  1468. Struggling to Get Out of Bed in the Morning
  1469. Dealing with Chronic Illness: Seeking Advice
  1470. Understanding Schizotypal Personality Disorder
  1471. Dealing with Irritation and Anger: Need Advice
  1472. Dealing with Chronic Headaches: Seeking Advice
  1473. Improving Mental Health: Beyond Meds and Therapy
  1474. Dealing with Long Covid Symptoms: What Works?
  1475. Meloxicam not strong enough for pain relief?
  1476. Feeling Numb and Tired: Anyone Else?
  1477. Questions about Osteoarthritis Treatment and Surgery
  1478. Seeking Advice: Is there a specialist I should see?
  1479. Reducing Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  1480. Dealing with Marijuana Anxiety: Need Advice
  1481. Receiving Help in Healthcare: Share Your Experience
  1482. Struggling to Communicate My Chronic Illness
  1483. Dealing with Medication Side Effects
  1484. Is Food Really Medicine? Let's Discuss.
  1485. Starting Wellbutrin for Depression and GAD: Thoughts?
  1486. Can't focus during manic episode?
  1487. Alternative Ways to Relieve Depression Without Medicine?
  1488. Dealing with Memory Issues: Tips and Tricks
  1489. Coping with Depression: Tips and Tricks
  1490. Need advice on undiagnosed conditions
  1491. Looking for advice on OCD medication
  1492. Dealing with IBS Pain: Tips and Advice
  1493. Anxiety Medication: What Works for You?
  1494. High Heart Rate and Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  1495. Coping with Anxiety, Depression and a Baby
  1496. Looking for fellow spoonies
  1497. Dealing with Chronic Pain in Grad School
  1498. Experiencing Dissociation and Panic: Need Advice
  1499. Introducing Myself: Struggling with Anxiety and Phobia
  1500. Dealing with Bladder Cancer Metastasis to Femoral Bones
  1501. Delaying the Progression of My Condition: Any Tips?
  1502. Dealing with EDS Symptoms and Social Life
  1503. Starting Concerta Today: What to Expect?
  1504. Dealing with Hypoglycemia During Exercise
  1505. Anxiety during menstruation: Does anyone else experience this?
  1506. Struggling with OCD and Panic Disorder in My Relationship
  1507. Shoulder/Shoulder Blade Pain with POTS
  1508. Looking for Fibromyalgia Medication Advice
  1509. Struggling with Adrenal Insufficiency and Prednisone Withdrawal
  1510. Is Botox Safe for Migraines? Need Advice!
  1511. Lupus and Plaquenil: Side Effects and Alternatives
  1512. Struggling with Medication Dosage
  1513. Tolerance buildup on Concerta
  1514. What Are Narcolepsy Hallucinations Like?
  1515. Anger and Mental Health: Is There a Connection?
  1516. Living with MS: Finding Joy in Mental Activities
  1517. Struggling with Executive Dysfunction: Need Advice
  1518. Stopping Gabapentin: Experiences and Advice?
  1519. Effexor Withdrawal and Bleeding - Need Help!