Hi! I’ve had Covid twice in the last year and in May 2021 I was diagnosed with long Covid. Nearly a year has gone by and my energy level is wrecked. I am returning to a professional level office 9-5 job again for the first time since my diagnosis and I’m afraid I won’t have the energy to sustain myself during the day. Any tips or help you can provide as I start this next chapter??


    • Mariposita_Obsidiana


      Ever since I had COVID in 2020, my fibromyalgia flares have increased tenfold in frequency and severity. I literally just got home this morning from a pulmonary function test because I still feel winded at times and I still wheeze when I exhale, and when I’m exerting myself, I sometimes find myself gasping for air. I don’t know that I have any tips, as I’ve just started the process to get started with the long COVID clinic at my local hospital, but I can commiserate.

    • Zoey_Val


      I am currently working a corporate job with long Covid and I just can’t do it anymore but I’m trying to hang in there. My best advice would be to refuse working extra hours and take breaks when needed your health is more important. I am salary and work up to 80 each week and I am looking for something with less hours at the moment. Some advice would be to sleep early even if it’s right after work start your wind down routine especially if you need to wake up early it helps me get through the days. Take all of your breaks lol especially to eat and stay hydrated and move your body LOL

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