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2y ago

Is obsession a symptom of schizo?

Is obsession a symptom of schizo? I know it’s not in an OCD way, it’s more like just fixations. Like I’ve had it happen a few times with movies, I watch them over and over and over and over again, think about them all day, research them, and bring some of it into my life. It’s not delusional either. It just becomes super important to me, I get super into it, and I just think about it all the time. They come and go. Is this is normal schizo thing or something else?

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2y ago

Definitely an obsession, but it doesn’t sound like psychosis. I have schizoaffective disorder, but I still totally nerd out about things and go through phases where I’m really into something and I wouldn’t call that psychosis. If anything, it’s a pleasant distraction from my psychotic symptoms. Now if you start hearing voices or seeing things that confuse you (that should not be there and maybe scare you about the obsession), then that’s a red flag for psychosis. But it sounds like you don’t have that.

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