What other options do I have besides medication to releave pain ?

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Fibromyalgia (FM)

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • QuestionQueen


    There are some natural pain relievers I’ve used which help pain a little. CBD crème sometimes helps me with muscle pain. Daily meditation helps me the most and there are several meditation apps out there that give you a daily guided meditation. Balance is one ap, Soultime is another but there are so many. If you just search meditation in the App store there will be lots of options. I’ve found some on YouTube as well. Meditation and deep breathing help reset you central nervous system. I haven’t found anything medication wise or meditation wise that takes away 100% of my pain. I just try to mitigate my pain the best way I can using a combination of medication, natural supplements and meditation. One tip I would give is don’t just start taking a bunch of supplements at once. My sister is supplement crazy and she started recommending all these supplements. I added them to my daily routine and couldn’t tell which, if any, we’re making a difference. My PCP who I like a lot told me to start with my needed prescriptions, then add a supplement one at a time, trying one for several days to see if it helped with pain. I used to look up at my shelf full of medications and supplements and feel like “which one of these magic pills will help me today?” Now I know which ones actually make a difference in my pain levels, because I followed my PCPs advice. CoQ10, CBD oil seem to help. If I add a supplement, I try to pay close attention to how my body feels.

  • Shaky


    It very much depends on the type of pain. Nerve pain might be helped by anti-inflammatory herbs, spasticity - cbd or stronger if legal in your state. Possibly tonic water.

  • MS


    Try magnesium 800 MG at night and morning it really helps me

  • MS


    But you know it's real funny and hard to explain I am over half numb to 3/4numb from the wast down but I still have muscle pain real bad with out magnesium.

  • Faroop


    Non-med options that could help — cannabis products, meditation, magnesium. I also use the “curable” app that helps with chronic pain.

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