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For a long time, my parents avoided getting me help for my mental problems and I was only able to finally figure them out and work on them as an adult away from them. I’m still new to a lot of these illnesses I have but the ones I’d love to learn about most are personality disorders because of how little I hear about them… I’d love to know other peoples experiences with them or experiences they have with knowing people with them.

    • LennyG12


      I possibly have antisocial personality disorder (aspd), paranoia, agoraphobia/demophobia (fear of places and fear of large crowds), and severe dissociation. Its a lot. With the fact I isolate myself because of all these, its really hard for me to get out there and find people with similar experiences as me and relate to others. Because I'm so avoidant of people and crowds and places and with having GAD and a panic disorder, it's often very debilitating. But often times, I do have good days where I am able to do things I enjoy to do. And am actually able to go to anime con in 2 weeks. So it's definitely a roller coaster of emotions. But it will get better

    • Katelyn44


      Hello! I was recently diagnosed with dependent personality disorder. My biggest experience with this is that I have very little sense of self. I constantly go along with others to avoid conflict because of the fear of abandonment. Also with the person who i am dependent upon it makes me so anxious when I’m not with them and i get attached very easily. I also struggle with speaking up and i have never really been able to form my own opinions on things. I’ve started to work on things in therapy and have been doing some hard work for about 2 weeks now and have already seen a lot of progress. It’s hard but it will take time and it will get better

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