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hello.. So my anxiety has gotten significantly worse in the course of a week and a half. I'm currently on vacation in DC, and I've been experiencing a lot of fatigue, dizziness and sinus problems. my nose is dry and my mouth is dry, I lack appetite and have been just staying in my hotel for the most part. All of these symptoms sound like allergy season has come, but my brain doesn't seem to agree, it tells me that I am in significant danger and if I don't go to the hospital, I will surely die, (anxiety can be so melodramatic sometimes, I mean seriously, this isn't a soap opera dude) so this is what I've been dealing with. most of my life I've been dealing with this.. The reason I'm making this post and I really don't know if this is going to be allowed. I am looking for people who go through similar things I can talk to and learn from, hoping your experience can resonate with me and we can help each other, you know, combining our weapons we've used to fight our anxiety and depressed and making them super weapons...Yeah that was lame I know, but you get the idea..My name is Judah, I'm 31 and no I am not a creep. I'm just trying to find different paths, so if you're up for it. Call me 504-269-8840 and lets talk and figure this out together.



      ‼️⚠️ Guilty conscience, total creep. ⚠️🚨 Wouldn't stop asking me rapid-fire about what gets me off, took about 5 minutes to start sending google drive links to selfies and asking what I'm into, what my sexuality is etc. Didn't even ask or know my gender before getting into the subject... Also, they decided to object that I exist, or anyone like me exists, because I don't concede my identity to that of the status quo. Denied that non-binary a) genders & b) sexes exist, and proceeded to try and argue me about it with terrible logic following Fox–News level propagandist spew, without any intent for actual open discussion or setting ego aside for learning etc, and no further purpose but to argue against the *existence* of alternate/non-binary identities and biologies (doesn't know the difference between "intersex" and "transgendered," but won't hesitate to speak with authority about it anyway). Definitive "bigot." Protect ya neck. 🧣

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