I’ve had hand and wrist pain since roughly the middle of last fall. As of December, my primary care doctor has been fairly certain that I have fibromyalgia. I don’t know of a specific change that might have caused The hand and wrist pain. I’ve been unsure before whether it is muscle or bone pain. I’m fairly sure that is bone pain now because I tried pressing on different areas of my hand, rest, and forearm, and all of the places where it was consistently and especially painful were a long bones, not muscle or anything soft. Is there any injury/condition that you know of that could cause bone pain but might not show up on an x-ray? I got x-rays recently but there was nothing explaining my pain or any area of concern in general. Also, do you have any suggestions for reducing the pain? The pain is extremely sharp and the areas that cause pain are really tender.


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  • CasuallyCerebral


    Maybe carpel tunnel? I know it can be super painful and doesn’t show on x-rays. My roommate deals with a lot of wrist-related issues and she’s found a little relief with arthritis cream and a compression brace.

  • Jenni_Star


    I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!!! I injured my arm in half a dozen ways 3 1/2 years ago. The sprain and strains have healed as well as possible, the bone remodeled as much as possible but the cartilage is still mangled and the permanent damage to my nerve endings is now what I’m dealing with. I’ve had several sets of X-rays and PET scans and the pain I feel does not have a visible cause. I have been mistreated, humiliated, judged and dismissed by many specialists and PAs in Central/Southern Maine. Nerve Away topical serum was pretty helpful, Voltaren Arthritis Gel is good for excessive swelling days, especially because I have pre carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis in that arm. Hyland’s FlexMore is super helpful but pricey. If you are going to bother take Tylenol, take the Rapid Release capsules. Aleve Liquid Gels can be helpful too, especially if you do not have stomach issues. Most heat is your friend I guarantee!

  • Ceig


    My husband had hand pain along with what I think they call a trigger finger. They found nothing on the X-ray so they gave him a shot of cortisone in his hand and they pain went completely away. That was about 8 months ago. The doctor said he would eventually have to have another one. But so far so good

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