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Do you have trouble with short term memory loss or frequent headaches when the temperature changes? Also, how many shunt revisions have you had? I just had mine replaced from when I was a child- i’m almost 42 now, and wondering if I’ll eventually have to replace this one.

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    • Livingasazebra


      Pressure headaches in the heat are awful

    • Livingasazebra


      Pressure headaches in the heat are awful

    • Thalimar


      I'm 41, and have had my shunt in place since I was a baby, and it worked great until 2015, 2 weeks after a hernia repair, ended up in the ER with what was the first of almost 30 surgeries between 2015 and 2017. The shunt kept failing, replacing different parts of the system, my neurosurgeon met with his entire team, they couldn't figure out why it kept failing. So many times they found me obtunded unconscious in bed, many times wandering the streets unaware of who I was. They tried peritoneal, ventriculoatrial shunt, and venticulopleural shunts. I am now going on over 5 years since the last surgery. But I do seem to have memory issues as well as headaches still. I'm always so scared and weary of these headaches, with my history. I mean at what point do I say, maybe I should go to the ER without sounding like a hypochondriac

      • ArtsyRedhead


        @Thalimar I totally get it! That’s so incredibly scary and something you can’t understand unless you’ve dealt with it. I’ve resigned myself to knowing that this is my “normal”- Any heavy exercises= headaches…. weather change=headaches…. stress=headaches. The one thing I’ve found that is really helpful is a microwaveable heat pad on my shunt and eyes- and sleep it off.

        • Thalimar


          @ArtsyRedhead I know, it's so frustrating, and then to add insult to injury, the second shunt they put in on the other side of my head, they placed it in such a way, that it's really tender even 5 years later, and it's really uncomfortable to lay on it

    • Discgolfguy



    • Donnie1995


      I had a revision done this past September.

    • Scar_Maddy


      I have problems with short abd long term memory loss, I'm 17 now and was told there's enough tubing in me so I dont need a replacement in my life but I'm also not average height for my age

    • JAY789


      I’m 39 and I just had another shunt replacement surgery near the end of last month. I forgot the exact date. But I’m still recovering from this one. I feel like this surgery really knocked me back compared to other previous surgeries. Since this last surgery I have been having muscle spasms in my left side of my body. What I was really scared of after this last surgery nothing I would eat or drink would taste like it was supposed to. This was the first time I ever had that happen after a surgery. My mom read online that it’s normal for it to happen but it’s the first time it ever happened to me and it really scared me. But thankfully I started to get my taste back again it started coming back last Thursday thankfully.

    • Youngrqy


      ❤️ ❤️

    • chloewalker


      i only have problems with short term memory. never had a shunt. but i do have headaches when temperature changes in the weather. it’s no fun being the only person in my high school with a problem like that

    • thecatholicteen


      I do have memory issues and headaches. I am 17 and got my last revision at age 3. So 14 years

    • Player_One


      I’ve only had one, and I had mine replaced when I was 9. I’m 18 now. I have headaches less then I did when I was a kid, but they were bad when I had them.

    • bookwormsb6


      I have trouble with my memory all the time, unfortunately - not just when the temperature changes. I have had, I think, 7-10 shunt revisions (including one that left me with my left side paralyzed) - I’m not quite sure the exact number because my parents always kept track. I’m 20, almost 21, and my last revision was when I was in 7th grade

    • Barry


      I had my first revision when I was 15, then another 10 years later. The second one caused bad short term memory loss for a few weeks as things rewired themselves. Now it's been 14 years, but I'm still very watchful for when something goes wrong.

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