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I’m new here and I’m pretty sure I have insomnia I wake up every night around 1 2 or 3 not being able to go back to sleep and end up staying up till daylight

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      Can be very helpful to get your cortisol levels checked and your hormones I don’t know how old you are but ZRT labs is the best place with saliva. Other things that really helped me was reading stop the thyroid madness and getting the correct thyroid labs as well as detoxing my liver, (which can take a long time depending on how old you are) staying away from sugar, alcohol, and eating a very healthy diet. (Grass fed meat wild caught fish organic vegetables or growing your own etc) Also the biggest thing for me was finding out that I had nocturnal hypoglycemia which kind of goes hand-in-hand a little bit with insulin resistance. So eating a normal meal with carbs and then taking your blood sugar two hours later would be one of the ways to help you to know if you have insulin resistance. keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day from the moment you wake up you eat some thing you don’t put coffee into your system until you’ve had some food then maybe two hours later a small piece of fruit and two hours later your lunch, Two hours later a small piece of fruit, then dinner. I had to get off of all grains because I wasn’t digesting them anyways and I feel less bloated and so much better if I just have potatoes or sweet potatoes and there are a lot of different ways to fix them. I also might have a sm portion of cottage cheese and applesauce before bed. I also take homeopathic stress tablets the minute I wake up no matter what time it is in the middle of the night, I go to the bathroom, and do the deep breathing exercises to help slow the adrenaline and my heart rate down, so I can go back to sleep. I haven’t found a doctor who’s got a handle on all of this yet and hope we both do, but sometimes I even take some apple juice to bed with me and have a few sips and I do mean sips, it can help. When you have night time hypoglycemia, this means your body isn’t storing enough of the glycogen in your liver to help you sleep through the night. So if we balance our blood sugar during the day by eat first thing upon waking this helps cortisol not to spike. So many spikes thru the day and stress too is bad. So if you have a very stressful job you need to find another job. Or if you have a very stressful life you need to be more calm and do things that will help it stay calm. You cannot go without meals and they can be smaller meals you don’t have to feel like you’re going to gain a bunch of weight although I did gain weight slowly over a period of 1.5 years. I’m not saying you have nocturnal hypoglycemia, you can also look at the Chinese clock online it tells you what is going on with your body at the time you’re waking up. And this can be where your body is struggling. So that’s another option. It’s so hard to find the real cause but these are the best I’ve found in 5 years of insomnia and studying researching online. I hope you can find a natural Doctor Who you can share this info with, Who is very smart and will help you.♥️🌹

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