Hi! I started taking Lamitrogine for Bipolar 2 a few weeks ago. We have slowly upped the dosage, a few days ago it was increased to 100mg. Has anyone else noticed that this medication is a big help to them? I don’t know if I feel anything from it yet.


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  • avid


    the same thing happened a few days ago, too. the dosage increase has been.. strange to say the least. it’s made my emotions all out of whack. my recommendation is to communicate clearly with your doctor. if it works for you then it works for you!! good luck.

  • Chesbro99


    I take it. I never noticed a difference. But my psychiatrist said it should be helping stabilize mood? Who ever knows?

  • Or


    I have had mine upped slowly to 300mg since about last may, I’ve had it at 300mg for a few months now. I need more medication in addition to it but i am for sure better off with it as it is now, it is one of 2 meds that have worked for me so far since starting meds since my diagnosis. It’s different for everyone, give it a couple weeks but be honest with your doctor. Good luck

  • Emcee


    I don’t know how much it helps me tbh (not taking for bipolar but for other mental health reasons). But my meds together seem to keep me a little more stable

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