Anyone here been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy?

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  • E11iefant


    I haven’t gotten a biopsy, but my neurologist said I definitely have it :)

  • Nat.27


    Yes! It took me a while to get diagnosed and people to listen, but it’s hard finding information about it.



    Me! ✋ got the punch biopsy to diagnose



    There's a book called"small nerves big problem" that was really helpful

  • Peonies


    I have it as well. Super painful. I had the punch biopsy.

  • Reesa


    Ugh. I had a biopsy in 2017. My sfn was already advanced. No one listened when I cried about the pain. I thought I was going insane. They thought I was med seeking.

    • hazyeclipse


      ugh, that's awful. I just got my results, and they found severe small fiber neuropathy in my legs. I'm only 20.. what gives? I can't believe I have the rest of my life for this to keep progressing. It's so nice to have the hard evidence though, so doctors can't blow me off in the same way anymore

      • Reesa


        truthfully, even though it often progresses, you will have good days again. And if you stay limber and active through physical therapy, you'll have a lot of them. The pain gets worse then better then bad then tolerable again and in this way, you can totally have a fulfilling life.

  • Claireduke


    Just got my biopsies

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