Has anyone here had VCD that has impacted their breathing? I’m still undergoing testing but will receive my final diagnosis at the end of the month. It seems likely that VCD is a culprit in my breathing difficulty and I have a history of vocal cord issues 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  • PAP112


    Yes! I was misdiagnosed for asthma and a bunch of other lung/heart issues before we finally realized it was VCD

  • Salbright


    Yeah :( it’s really worrying me, along with the speaking difficulties. Wheezing and coughing especially at night.

  • Jules26


    I’m with PAP112, I was in and out of the hospital for years thinking it was asthma, when really it was VCD. Much less mysterious and easier to manage!

  • Kk21


    I’ve had VCD for some years now but just had a diagnosis last week! It 100% impacts my breathing on my day to day life. The only thing that helped me personally was Flonase believe it or not. It helped with the aeroallergens that would cause my issues. However, whenever I have a laughing fit, it tends to come strong unfortunately.

  • Salbright


    Ugh what did you get it from?

  • Aureliamae


    Yeah, very much so. I can’t play flute anymore which is a bummer.

  • keallei


    I was diagnosed only last year. And I think it might be a placeholder diagnosis until we find out more. It used to be exercise induced asthma but I have no trouble exhaling. It’s breathing in during exercise that is the big problem. So far I just keep taking my inhaler 30 and 15 minutes before planned exercise like a walk or hike.

  • Rainey


    I had breathing difficulty and hoarseness. Inhaler didn't relieve breathing issue. After ENT did a scope I was referred to otolaryngologist and was diagnosed with vocal cord paralysis due to having a virus in March 2020 very sick. Then ended up with bells palsy that affected my vocal cord.

    • Marshie


      There is a surgery where they put a stint in your vocal cord. My doctor was at John's Hopkins.

      • Rainey


        Thank you for info. I just didn't want to do surgery. Thank God after speech therapy exercises and finally havi g less stress. I have less times of shortness of breath. I take Breo inhaler and this helps too. And resting my voice in the evening helps also.

  • luminary


    I was diagnosed last year and mine constrict so that for periods of time I can't breathe, it gets worse when I panic so I try to remain calm, it typically makes it get better whenever that happens

    • luminary


      I should clarify this is only when it's a light episode of it.

    • LynnM


      I sent you a message, you definitely sound like me

  • Emmab22


    yup, hate it

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