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Hello! I’ve been suffering from migraines for 10 years now. I take now prescribed medication and manage it through supplements, acupuncture, chiropractor, and daily movement/mindfulness. I wanted to connect about some things that have helped me and see if y’all had anything to share with me. Natural remedies is my preferred way. Acupuncture has helped me a lot these past 3 months but this past two weeks they’ve been almost every day again. I am tired feeling discouraged and wanted to connect with others.

    • Aloo


      Thank you for your response! I’m still hopeful that I will find remedies. I think my period messes with my migraines because of hormones, like no matter what relief I would get from remedies it doesn’t apply to when I have my period. My acupuncturist got me on a new herbal remedy so hopefully that helps. I took a food sensitivity test and saw that egg whites is a trigger. I have been trying to cut it out but as a vegetarian it’s my main source of protein. I’ve been more aware when eating it and will make sure I am feeling good when I decide to eat it

    • jolyne


      i'm sorry to hear that your migraines are becoming so much more recent. :( it sucks when you feel like you've finally gotten them under control, & suddenly they come back full swing. unfortunately, nothing works 100% of the time for long-term health problems... but migraine attacks don't last forever! i'm sure everything you're doing is keeping the worst at bay. breakthroughs are completely normal! do you know if food is a trigger for your migraines? i've seen people have migraine attacks from the strangest foods, like bananas!!! i keep a food log of what i eat, & then write down the symptoms i feel before & after to see if they could be potential triggers.

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