Hello, I’m Izzy! I struggle with anxiety to the point where it’s interfering with my day to day life. I’d like any advice you all have to offer, or just someone to talk to who understands.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • vlynz


    anxiety is definitely difficult to struggle with even doing things others consider a simple task. I have yet to find meds that help but I know a lot of people who have! Therapy isn’t for everyone either, from experience 😅 I struggle as well so not much advice from me unfortunately but I understand the struggle!

  • alexam


    i’ve always taken deep breaths, take myself out of situations if i have to, if i’m presenting or speaking in front of many people, i’ll have a quiet little fidget in my pocket to calm me down, or you can have one even if it’s not a presentation. i am vocal about my anxiety with my close friends so they understand and can help me in certain situations. what specifically is getting harder? or just everything

  • mkisaloser


    this is kinda dumb but the app “finch” has some grounding stuff under the “first aid” category that might be helpful? also it’s kinda fun and makes it easier 2 review what u react 2 & how, & things 2 do if ur having an anxiety attack or smth

  • jolyne


    hi, izzy! i'm katherine! i struggle with anxiety disorder too. what has worked for me in the past is to take time to myself to practice self-care, mindfulness, & deep breaths; maintaining a healthy medication schedule; & planning my days, weeks, & months ahead of time so i am not overwhelmed when the days come by! everyone is different & prefers many different ways of handling anxiety. some people prefer time to themselves to relax, some prefer talking with their therapist, some enjoy exercise & yoga, & some enjoy spending time with friends! it just depends on your personal preference. i have found that scheduling time to see my therapist & to take time to myself to enjoy my hobbies helps me to feel less anxious. if self-care is my priority, it is another essential task for me to mark off my list! :) check!

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