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Is there a specialist I should see?

    • Babypossum


      I agree with scarletfire, getting a full blood panel done is really important to make sure you aren’t missing anything big/easily treated. It’s really hard to find a doctor that specializes in chronic fatigue disorder, most don’t know much about it, but I found a nurse practitioner who works primarily with chronically ill people who’s worked with CFS. I’m excited by her treatment plan for me so that’s where you might want to start looking you’re interested in both an official diagnosis and medical advice. I’ve also generally found more holistic doctors than traditional ones that specialize in CFS, so if you’re open to that, they might be easier to find.

    • scarletfire


      I think that depends on if there is something specific causing your fatigue. •If it were something relating to mental health then I would suggest a psychiatrist •if you think it has to do with sleep then I would suggest visiting someone to address that. Some psychiatrists are good for this and I’ve also seen the title of “sleep medicine specialist”. You could maybe get a sleep study done. •it could be caused due to deficiencies and you could get common vitals checked at your primary care. I’ve also been to an endocrinologist before to get labs to check for cortisol and thyroid type issues. The most obvious place to start I think would be to get some blood work done to check for deficiencies. Also I’m sure if you spoke to someone like a primary care provider they could direct you to a specialist or someone more specific to visit for your specific needs. Not sure if this was super helpful but I just wanted to share some of what I’ve gone through :)

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