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I am self-diagnosed BP 2. I am too nervous to actually go in and receive real treatment. I am afraid of pills and getting addicted. I’ve been using cannabis for 3 years to help balance my mood. I know I will definitely go in for therapy, treatment, and medication when something drastic happens in my life. For now, my parents are well and alive and I don’t think I’m in need of anything huge. Still very curious on what I should do as a 23 year old though..

    • ratmazzi


      hmm knowing what to do about medication is superrrr tricky especially when you haven’t been on them consistently before! I would say just be careful because the medications i’m on (at least for my bipolar 2) are being used so that when big drastic things do happen i’m mentally stable and prepared in a manageable state of mind, you have to be on medications consistently on a schedule for them to work properly! medicine is supposed to help make you feel more in control and the right medications shouldn’t and won’t cause any complications with addiction! I also smoke weed honestly more than i should but i’ve always been very honest with all of the mental health professionals i work with and because i could easily fall into dependency on meds, they purposefully picked ones that wouldn’t have that effect over me. people who specialize in the medical field for mental health know what they’re doing and what to look out for so i hope keeping that in mind eases your nerves! whenever i’m not on medicine i never feel like i need it but as soon as i start taking them again i realize how many micro struggles i have everyday due to my issues that are so easily monitored and managed with medication/professional help! hope this provides some comfort or insight ❤️ :)

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