Hey, I’ve had JRA for most of my life now, and I still have a hard time doing highly active things, how do you guys stay active and deal with the pain/soreness the days after?

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  • emilie_b


    any kind of movement is good movement! with JRA it is hard to be able to keep up with peers and it really sucks but just because you aren’t able to hit the gym 3 times a week like everyone else, it doesn’t make you inferior. working to keep your joints moving is the most important part. i tend to try and walk intentionally at least 2 times a week. it can be hard when the weather is fluctuating but only do what you know you can do. if you over do it take it easy the next few days. our bodies need more rest than others. i hope this helps a little 🤍

  • Mothra


    Typically I do morning stretches every day, with JRA it's not uncommon to have a lot of stiffness or even pain especially in the morning. Getting a good active morning routine that you can stick too every day really helps a lot more than you'd think. Some other things you can do are daily hot showers or even baths to soothe your joints

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