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My name is hannah and my biggest struggle is OCD. i have the obsessive part of OCD instead of the compulsive thoughts. My biggest obsessive thought is that my boyfriend is cheating on me and it’s very difficult to deal with. I am constantly being bombarded with obsessive thoughts but thankfully my medications have helped a bit. As for being bipolar, that’s also difficult because I get angry and upset out of nowhere. I also have depression and I’ve found when I vape it makes it worse for some reason.

    • Athena818


      Hi! What has really helped me is recognizing that a lot of the time, the crux of having mental health issues is that they are divergent and/or maladaptive conditions. Your brain doesn’t want to hurt you; you need fight-or-flight and negative emotions but sometimes things get out of hand. Matters of perspective get chaotic because of chemical imbalances or trauma, sometimes hardship comes from you needing to live in an atypical way (ei. Taking prescribed serotonin stabilizers) that some people don’t understand. Knowing that takes the pressure off by eliminating the idea that my body is an enemy or that my life is not my own. Which is better, because neither of those things are true. Intrusive thoughts are ramblings from your mind when you’re feeling triggered. You can quiet them by developing a strong inner compass/your values and letting them pass. Suppression doesn’t work, but mentally acknowledging it, affirming what you know when necessary, and peacefully letting it go will progressively help them practically stop. Hope this helps, good luck on your journey!

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