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Hi! Got an ad for this app and thought it sounded interesting. I’m realizing it’s basically like a support group which honestly sounds kind of nice. I’m 27 years old and have been super active and very healthy my whole life. I don’t really have any major health issues but I am curious to see who’s “alike” to me! I think the biggest thing I am seeking advice on is both joint protection/mobility and weight loss as someone who lifts weights, exercises frequently, *and* also has a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I was just diagnosed last fall but have probably had it for years. I don’t have very severe symptoms other than likely having a shit metabolism and maybe some fatigue, but I have been having some joint issues recently in my left shoulder and hip. Unsure if these things are related but my orthopedic specialist suggested there could be a connection. Looking forward to connecting with anyone who has similar interests and may be struggling with similar issues!

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      Hi fairygodmom! 🖐 I just joined a little while ago because I thought a support group sounded nice too! I thought I'd comment since I'm 24 with a Hashi diagnosis( 10 years) and I am also struggling with joint pain in my hips and one knee. I would definitely say my joint pain is from Hashimotos. I don't exercise much because of it, im worried about making it worse. I'm currently trying a vitamin D supplement because it turns out my vitamin D levels were extemely low. Vitamin D can potentially help with joint pain. Maybe worth looking into to see if you are also deficient!

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