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hi, so, I'm gonna post this twice but I have a stoma. and my insurance covers the costs of my supplies but when they are ordered we cannot order one specific thing so we get everything (colostomy bags, wafers and barrier rings) if I wanted to order just colostomy bags my parents would have to pay for it and they are expensive. because of this, we just get everything instead. I go through way more colostomy bags than I probably should but this means I have tons of wafers to the point of overflow. I am going through and getting rid of at least half and I am thinking of selling them (for $6.00 for a box or something like that) but it has to stay in my country (usa) and I was wondering what I should do? should I just sell them or should I see if there's a way to donate them? I really don't want to throw them away when there's people out there who struggle to get supplies because of how expensive they are.

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      I think you should sell them or donate them. Whatever you feel comfortable with. But you might try calling the company that makes you products and speak to someone that knows about the products. Let them know what you need and don't need or want. They may even be able to suggest other products that you might like. Also don't be afraid to contact different companies and ask for samples.

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