Better sleep advice?

I have a few conditions that mess with my sleep. I tend to over sleep in my opinion and in my boyfriends opinion (he sometimes calls me so I’m awake at a reasonable time).

I can’t even fall asleep without my night meds, if I don’t take them I’m just laying there all night and if I do fall asleep without them it’s only for a small while. I’ve taken them every night for the last two or so months tho. Usually around 10pm when I take my birth control and I’m home from work. I’d say I sleep 10-12 hours a night minus me waking up of course, sometimes more.

I have to force myself out of bed, I sometimes just lay there for a while.

I have nightmares every night which can lead to me waking up alot during the night (I’d say atleast 3-5 times most nights).

I’ve tried easy routines like warm showers and wind down time before bed, taking my meds an hour earlier, melatonin (It doesn’t work without me getting dangerously close to the toxic levels of it).

I wanna know if there is anything else out there that have worked for others similar to me or just those who struggle with sleep in anyway.


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  • Wingzx


    Idk if it might help you, but what I do is just play one of those repetitive app games where you go stacking stuffs etc with all and ads and usually that gets my brain tired enough to finally go to sleep. Maybe also doing puzzles on your phone, repetitive things if is possible so you don't get the rush of: OMG I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

  • Starfy


    I have learnt that I work better with sleep cycles- I sleep right after work, am up a few hours through the night and get a couple more hours before work the next day. Also depending on age and comfort of cbd or marijuana use, I've started smoking to help me reach a dreamless state to sleep (much preferred over nightmares)

  • TheGhost


    I tried melatonin and it didn't work. But I suggest reading, a good book, real paper. It tires out your brain and distracts you, but doesn't wear your eyes down with blue light

  • jdubz


    i’m not sure what meds you’re on obviously but i take trazodone to help me sleep. it’s technically an antidepressant but it’s also used to treat insomnia. i also take prazosin to combat nightmares and flashbacks due to ptsd — if you already have low blood pressure you shouldn’t take this because it’s technically a blood pressure medication.

  • sertralinequeen13


    I agree that repetitive games help me get tired, also sleep hygiene (weighted blanket, blackout curtains, white noise) I also like watching asmr type YouTube videos where the person is just talking quietly about something I’m not super interested in

  • Animalnerd


    I buy these CBD patches for sleep… they just go on a veinous part of your body (I usually put them on my wrist). You just use one per night. They’re very helpful! 🙂

  • SwimChick5590


    Meditation. The headspace app has a lot of good nighttime ones.

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