What is your best way to deal with medical trauma?

Generalized pain

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  • feellicks


    i do things for myself like having cute bandaids. cool leds on my wheelchair. when im sick I let myself watch my fave shows. when I have to go to the dr i doodle or listen to music or text my friends. it's really hard dealing with the fact I can't trust doctors... that's one im not quite over yet. venting is all I've got

  • Noodlemum


    Therapy. Hands down. Therapy really helped me get to a point where a doctors opinion, or really ANYONES opinion on my body and medical state didn't determine my reality. Doctors are still scary, and pain sucks, but it's easier to handle when I'm confident. Plus having someone to talk to really helps 😅

  • strawberrysoop


    i honestly have no idea, im just replying so i get updates about responses for help + so you know you arent alone in this gsjsgjd

  • Doglover25006


    The first step to heal from any trauma medical or otherwise is to remove the source of the trauma. In the case of medical trauma I am not advocating stopping medical care. It is about the perspective of the doctor works for me and is there to suit my needs. I am not there to make the doctor happy. Fire and replace any doctor who is not being supportive and helpful. It can take some time and energy to find the right fit but once you do everything changes. And then therapy. Therapy will help you process and heal from the medical trauma and also help you learn to love yourself and the body you are in just the way you are. You can want and work towards better without hating who you are now if you have the right support and tools.

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