i have struggled with hormonal cystic acne for 5-6 years now and the only things to help is aldactone at the max dose possible… any ither recs?

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  • RickF


    Did you get any side effects? I would look for a dermatologist that specializes in acne to take a look. Good luck!

  • frogs


    Isotretinoin (accutane) is the only thing that has ever worked for me but it did last very long. I just started my second round hoping it lasts longer. Good luck!

  • Puff


    Currently on Spironolactone which has helped tremendously with my hormonal acne. It only works for females tho. Also mine wasn’t so cystic as it was very deep but it’s worth an ask to the Derm I think

    • lynnette


      was there a test they did to see if you had elevated androgen hormones before prescribing Spironolactone? I've been looking into it for my hormonal acne but tbh I don't want to reduce my androgen hormones very much, I like having good muscle retention from little effort 😅

  • Dani_Girl


    I started taking probiotics every night and my acne went down A LOT. It’s something that is pretty risk free and might be worth trying.

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