Posts on Alike for January 2022

  1. Numbness and Itching After Top Surgery
  2. Starting Zoloft and Scared of Side Effects
  3. Chronic Pain and Menstruation: Does Anyone Else Experience This?
  4. Need advice on birth control
  5. Explaining Autism Communication to Parents
  6. Medicinal Marijuana: Does it Work?
  7. Experiences with Adderall: Starting Again After a Break
  8. Frustrations with My Health Condition
  9. Recently Diagnosed with Brain Injury, No Medication or Follow-Up?
  10. How to Overcome Panic Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  11. Struggling to Make it Through the Day
  12. Fear of Dying and Change
  13. Looking for Fibromyalgia Supplements Recommendations
  14. Struggling with Sleep and Fibromyalgia
  15. Dealing with Extreme Fatigue: Tips and Tricks
  16. Tips for Managing Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms?
  17. Shortness of breath due to anxiety: how long and severe?
  18. Living with Mild Cerebral Palsy: My Story
  19. Dealing with OCD Flares: Tips and Advice
  20. Looking for Online Support Groups for ITP and Lupus
  21. Brain hacks for ADHD: Share your tips!
  22. Dealing with Crohns Symptoms: Feeling Invalid
  23. Need help with TMJ pain relief
  24. Talking about IBD: Why it's hard and how to do it
  25. Has anyone tried TMS for treatment resistant depression?
  26. Worried about Heart Problems: Seeking Advice
  27. Share Your Medical Experiences
  28. Finding Support for Teens with MS
  29. What Treatments Help with Vestibular Migraines?
  30. Living with Multiple Sclerosis: Seeking Advice
  31. Looking for Friends with Similar Health Issues
  32. Dealing with Worsening OCD Symptoms
  33. Maintaining a Romantic Relationship with Bipolar Disorder Type 1
  34. Dealing with Raynaud's Syndrome in the Winter
  35. Managing Migraines: Alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol?
  36. Struggling with Diagnosis: Was it Hard for You?
  37. Managing Type 1 Diabetes with ADHD
  38. My First Complete Dislocation - Tips for Prevention and Recovery?
  39. What Birth Control Is Best for Endometriosis?
  40. Alternative Treatments for Medical Conditions
  41. Questioning the Validity of My Symptoms
  42. Struggling to Open Up to My Therapist About My Psychosis
  43. Do Anxiety and Panic Attacks Always Go Hand in Hand?
  44. Schizophrenia as a gift: A spiritual healer's perspective
  45. Dealing with Lithium Carbonate Side Effects
  46. Starting Testosterone and Mental Health Treatment
  47. Need help with sudden acne breakout
  48. Managing Anxiety During a Big Move
  49. Alternative Treatments for Mental Illness?
  50. How Has COVID-19 Affected You?
  51. Scared to Tell My Mom About My ADHD
  52. Prolapses with hEDS diagnosis
  53. Dealing with HSV Outbreaks in Odd Places
  54. Dealing with Dry Skin: Tips and Tricks
  55. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health
  56. Recently Diagnosed with Lupus, Need Advice!
  57. Struggling with Diabetes Acceptance
  58. Non-medical ways to manage POTS
  59. Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism: Tips and Advice Needed
  60. Kid Alters and Older Alters in DID
  61. Do You Miss Your Depressive Episodes?
  62. Dealing with Depression: To Take Antidepressants or Not?
  63. Compulsive Paper Eating and Nail Picking Due to OCD: Seeking Advice
  64. Experiencing Blackout Episodes - Need Help Describing Symptoms
  65. Dealing with Chronic Pain Flare Ups
  66. Anxiety about being poisoned
  67. Managing Bipolar Without Medications: Tips and Tricks
  68. Struggling with Contacts
  69. Twitching with Anxiety: How to Ease My Mind?
  70. Concerns about medication side effects
  71. My Journey with Addisons Disease: Diagnosis and Crisis
  72. Struggling with Prednisone Weight Gain
  73. Using Psilocybin for Managing Manic/Depressive Episodes
  74. Struggling with Anxiety and Loss of Appetite
  75. Managing Back Pain: Tips and Tricks
  76. Feeling Lightheaded and Dizzy: Anxiety or Something More?
  77. How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Make New Friends
  78. Struggling to Open Up to My Therapist
  79. Best treatments for chronic conditions?
  80. Looking for a Group Chat
  81. COVID and GERDS: Has Anyone Had Surgery for Acid Reflux?
  82. Tips for a Smooth Back-to-School Transition
  83. Struggling to Get Tested for Celiacs
  84. Dealing with IBS and Fear of Vomiting During Menstruation
  85. How to Avoid Burnout During a High-Energy Musical Performance
  86. How to Choose a Therapist or Treatment Center?
  87. Need help with binge eating at night
  88. Unexplainable Heart Problems and Central Sleep Apnea
  89. Need help managing ADHD without meds
  90. Looking for Support and Friends for My Mental Health
  91. Finding Myself: Questioning Gender Identity
  92. Morning Anxiety and Digestive Issues
  93. Advice on making friends with autism diagnosis
  94. Looking to Connect with Others with a Rare Medical Condition
  95. Dealing with Social Anxiety While Jogging
  96. Dealing with random burning pains in fibromyalgia
  97. Food Triggers for Migraines?
  98. Sinus pressure without congestion or drainage
  99. Relieving Facial Eczema Without Steroids
  100. Dealing with Racing Thoughts and Anxiety
  101. Worrying About My Body's Future
  102. Is Fibromyalgia a Cover-Up for Something More Serious?
  103. Legs giving out due to endometriosis?
  104. Connecting with Others: Coping with Mental Health Issues
  105. Struggling to Focus on Music Rehearsals: Seeking Advice
  106. Severe Chest Pain - Need Advice
  107. How do you manage PMDD?
  108. Does it get easier? Coping with mental health struggles
  109. Managing ADHD Traits: Tips and Tricks
  110. Identifying as Disabled with Crohn's Disease
  111. POTS and Post-Meal Symptoms
  112. Struggling to Address Mental Health with Friends and Family
  113. Vocal Chord Issues and Chronic Sinus Infections
  114. Looking for Support with Mental Health Struggles
  115. Dealing with Allodynia: Seeking Advice
  116. Suspecting Autism: Overlap with ADD Symptoms
  117. Memory Loss and Anxiety: Is it the Medication or My Mind?
  118. Need advice on AS flare up and Humira
  119. Getting a Diagnosis with Unsupportive Family and Doctors
  120. Seeking Advice for Self-Diagnosed Autism
  121. Looking for a Simple Smart Watch for ADHD Reminders
  122. Struggling with Hearing Loss and Ear Problems
  123. Questions about Tourette's Syndrome
  124. What to Expect from a Whole Gut Transit Time Study?
  125. Living with AVN and Multiple Fractures
  126. Has Anyone Been Prescribed Zoloft for OCD?
  127. Finding Support: Living with MS and RA
  128. Safe Exercise Alternatives for Joint Strengthening and Muscle Building with hEDS…
  129. Dealing with Disassociation: Tips and Tricks
  130. Xolair for MCAS: Experiences?
  131. Looking for Celiac Friends to Dine Out With
  132. Does coffee really help with ADHD?
  133. Underrepresented ADHD Symptoms
  134. Anyone else struggling with dyscalculia?
  135. Questions about Latuda for Bipolar Disorder
  136. Realizing My Childhood Signs of Autism Spectrum
  137. Celexa stopped working, need advice
  138. Managing Depression and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  139. Struggling with Zoloft: Seeking Alternatives
  140. Reducing Chronic Pain from Fibromyalgia
  141. Struggling to Remember Insulin Doses with ADHD Diagnosis
  142. Panic Attack in the Grocery Store
  143. Dealing with Progressive Hearing Loss in Early 20s
  144. Muscle Spasms Under Extreme Stress
  145. Hearing Voices at Night - Need Advice
  146. Seeking Advice on ADHD Diagnosis
  147. Reducing Inflammation and Pain: What Works Best?
  148. Struggling with Constipation
  149. Dealing with Digestive Issues and Mental Health
  150. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  151. Dealing with the Compulsion to Suppress Tics
  152. Coping with Severe Intrusive Thoughts About the Future
  153. Anyone else experiencing visual snow syndrome?
  154. Dealing with Social Anxiety: How to Cope
  155. Effective treatments for chronic pain?
  156. How to Relieve Panic in Public?
  157. Managing Headaches with Medication: Struggling with Side Effects
  158. Intrusive Thoughts About Pet's Death
  159. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  160. Stopping Medication Abruptly: A Cautionary Tale
  161. Coping with Depersonalization: How Long Have You Struggled?
  162. Dealing with Crohn's Disease, Anxiety, and Grief
  163. Looking for IBD-friendly protein drink recommendations
  164. Hopeful for the Future with a New Rheumatologist
  165. All About IV Infusions: Coverage, Frequency, and More
  166. Struggling with Day 1 of Prozac
  167. Need advice on medication dosage
  168. Experiences with Tramadol Augmentation?
  169. Dealing with Comments on Using Mobility Aids
  170. ADHD vs Autism: Has anyone experienced misdiagnosis?
  171. What Caused My Chronic Illness?
  172. Struggling to Manage My Health
  173. Coping with Long COVID and Asthma as an Athlete
  174. Struggling with Memory Loss: How Do You Cope?
  175. Dealing with Crohns Disease and Flares
  176. Dealing with Severe Joint Pain: Need Advice
  177. How often do you pass out?
  178. New to the App and Struggling with Autoimmune Diseases
  179. High Heart Rates for Years, No Answers
  180. Looking for Candida Overgrowth Treatment Suggestions
  181. How to Overcome Driving Anxiety?
  182. Seeking advice for EDS pain relief
  183. Seeking Better Treatment for Fibromyalgia
  184. Who Am I on Mental Health Medication?
  185. Living with Bipolar Disorder: My Journey So Far
  186. Fear of Choking and Swallowing - Need Advice
  187. Does Autism Spectrum Shift Day to Day?
  188. Dealing with Unsupportive Family During Weight Loss Journey
  189. Dealing with GP and other GI disorders: What's your diagnosis?
  190. Dealing with Nervous Ticks During Flashbacks
  191. Random periods of depression despite being on medication
  192. Dealing with Fibro pain during illness
  193. Tips for Controlling Seizures
  194. Has anyone tried Amitriptyline for constipation, sleep and migraine?
  195. Looking for Quick Relief from Panic Attacks
  196. Tips for Coming Out as MTF
  197. Undiagnosed with APS?
  198. Struggling with Chronic Migraines: Any Tips?
  199. Looking for advice on thyroid tests
  200. Looking for experiences with Cimzia treatment
  201. Looking for advice on taking Adderall with anxiety medication
  202. Medication and vitamin recommendations for bipolar 2 and anxiety?
  203. Can Medical Marijuana Help with Weight Gain?
  204. Forgetting to Take Meds: Should I Wing Off Soon?
  205. Struggling with Finding Joy in Activities
  206. Living with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: Share Your Experience
  207. Struggling with Brain Fog and Clarity
  208. Dry throat and COVID exposure: Should I get tested?
  209. Dealing with Sexual Side Effects of Cymbalta
  210. Newly Diagnosed with Vestibular Migraine - Need Advice
  211. Struggling with ADHD Medication and Eating Disorders
  212. Balancing a Gluten-Free Diet: Tips for Eating Healthy, Affordably, and Enjoyably
  213. Capsule Medication Stuck in Throat
  214. Struggling with IBS/G.I. Problems After Mono/Epstein Barr
  215. Newly diagnosed with fibro, looking for advice on meds
  216. Getting an Emotional Support Animal: Tips and Advice
  217. Flare after working out, anyone else?
  218. Dealing with Worsening IBS Symptoms
  219. Need advice on anxiety medication
  220. Reducing HS Flares: Lifestyle Changes
  221. Heat and humidity making me sick
  222. PTSD and Aphantasia: Am I Alone?
  223. Frequent Vivid Dreams: Anyone Else?
  224. CBD or THC? Which Works Best?
  225. Dealing with Frequent Disassociation
  226. Should I Find a New Doctor?
  227. What Meds Have You Tried to Improve Gastric Emptying?
  228. New to T:Slim x2 - Looking for Advice!
  229. Unexpected Factors Affecting Stomach Health
  230. Scared of MRI: Need Advice
  231. Does medication really work for mental health?
  232. Newly Diagnosed with Celiac, Looking for Support
  233. Radical Treatments for CPTSD and Fibromyalgia
  234. Best Mobility Aid for POTS: Seeking Advice
  235. Looking for experiences with ileostomy reversal
  236. Herbal remedies for symptom relief
  237. Severe Lethargy in Depression
  238. Non-Medication Treatments for Mental Health?
  239. Wellbutrin Side Effects: What to Expect
  240. Looking for Alternative Treatments
  241. Navigating Dissociative Identity Disorder: Where to Start?
  242. Chronic IBS causing constipation - any tips?
  243. Frequent Shoulder Dislocations: Need Advice
  244. How to Get Better Sleep: Tips and Tricks
  245. Struggling with Medication Dependency and Substance Abuse
  246. Seeking Advice: hEDS and Vascular EDS
  247. Looking for Support with Gastric Disorders, Anxiety and Depression
  248. How has COVID affected your taste and smell?
  249. Cracking Joints: A Habit or a Necessity?
  250. Struggling with Anxiety After Going Off Medication
  251. Looking for advice on medication
  252. Confusing Symptoms: ADD, Bipolar Disorder or BPD?
  253. Random Dizziness and Headaches: Is it POTS?
  254. Managing Joint Pain Without Medication
  255. Navigating Fertility as a Nonbinary Person with PCOS
  256. Alternative treatments for fibromyalgia symptoms?
  257. Numbness, Tingling, and Falling Asleep: Fibro Symptoms?
  258. Bipolar 2 and Severe Anxiety: Seeking Medication Advice
  259. Looking for Treatment Suggestions for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  260. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  261. Alternative Mental Health Treatment Options
  262. Is my medication still effective?
  263. Sudden IBS Symptoms: Has Anyone Else Experienced This?
  264. What ADHD meds work for POTS patients?
  265. Looking for Help with ASD, ADHD, and Dysphoria
  266. Understanding POTS Symptoms: What to Look Out For
  267. Numbness in extremities
  268. How to Communicate During an Overwhelming Episode?
  269. Need help finding a doctor for EDS and POTS
  270. Tips for Improving Memory Loss Related to Depression/Anxiety
  271. Dealing with Medication Anxiety
  272. Looking for Support with Bicornuate Uterus Diagnosis
  273. POTS and Raynaud’s: Diagnostic Criteria?
  274. Breaking Point: When Did You Realize You Needed Help?
  275. Need help with unbearable itching
  276. Stomachaches and Nausea After Eating: Is it Common?
  277. OTC Treatments for Rosacea: What Are My Options?
  278. Dealing with Welts and Hives from Skin Pressure
  279. Prickly/itchy rashes with Fibromyalgia
  280. Surgery Recovery: How Have Rods Affected You?
  281. Stretching with EDS: Help or Harm?
  282. Gastrointestinal Issues and Bathroom Habits
  283. Heart rate issues while trying to sleep
  284. Alternative Ways to Boost Energy Levels
  285. Managing ADHD in College: Tips and Advice
  286. Safety of COVID Vaccines for People with POTS
  287. Need advice for dizziness and shortness of breath
  288. Coping with ADHD: Struggling to Stay Focused and Organized
  289. Can Lexapro be taken with Cymbalta or Lyrica?
  290. Self-Hatred and Inflated Ego in Major Depressive Disorder
  291. Coping with OCD and ADHD: Let's Connect!
  292. Considering Botox for Migraines - Any Experiences?
  293. Struggling with POTS Symptoms
  294. Considering Medication for Anxiety Related to PTSD
  295. Who else wears behind-the-ear hearing aids?
  296. Struggling with Therapy: Feeling Like a Bad Person
  297. Collapsing without warning, is it normal?
  298. Looking for Compression Sleeve Recommendations
  299. Struggling with ADHD in College: Seeking Advice
  300. Dating with Chronic Illness: Is it Possible?
  301. Losing My Period with IBD: Anyone Else?
  302. Struggling with a Chronic Illness Diagnosis
  303. How did you know your RA treatment worked?
  304. EDS and Cold Hands and Feet: Is it Common?
  305. Struggling with Tying Shoes
  306. Finding the Will to Live: Coping with Depression
  307. Can I Cheat on My Gluten-Free Diet?
  308. Looking for others with ADD/ADHD
  309. Managing Anxiety Attacks: Tips and Tricks
  310. Coping with Addiction: Tips and Strategies
  311. Tips for Getting an Autism Diagnosis for a Minor
  312. Dealing with a Bipolar Diagnosis as a College Musician
  313. Considering a Tragus Piercing for Migraines
  314. hEDS Flare Ups: Any Triggers?
  315. Tips for Better Sleep with POTS
  316. Managing Healthcare Records: Tips and Tools
  317. Coping Strategies: What Helps You Get Through the Day?
  318. Struggling with Sleep and Nightmares
  319. Dealing with Extreme Nerve Pain in Hands and Feet
  320. High Blood Sugar After Lunch: What's Going On?
  321. Breaking the Cycle of Having a Favorite Person
  322. Struggling with balancing work, family, and hobbies
  323. Struggling with Medications for Mental Health
  324. Can Eating Disorders Cause POTS?
  325. Tapering off Gabapentin: Need Advice
  326. Unprotected Sex and No Pregnancy: What's Going On?
  327. Heart Rate Drops While Sleeping
  328. Struggling with ADHD Medication: Need Advice
  329. Living with Cerebral Palsy: My Experience
  330. Nervous about upcoming gastric emptying scan
  331. Struggling with Executive Function
  332. Introducing Myself: A Trans Man with Multiple Diagnoses
  333. Looking for Sjorgens dryness treatments
  334. Feeling Lonely with a Weak Immune System
  335. Need help coping with anxiety and social interactions
  336. Bad Side Effects from Focalin XR
  337. Do you take vitamins? Share your reasons!
  338. Alternative Solutions for Inflammation and Pain
  339. Opinions on Medication?
  340. Dealing with Migraines: How to Cope?
  341. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  342. Meds for Health Anxiety and Dissociation
  343. Using Prozac for Bulimia: Seeking Advice
  344. Dealing with the Heavy Burden of Depression and Physical Symptoms
  345. Struggling with Edema in Hands and Feet
  346. Questions to Ask When Starting Therapy
  347. Alternative Methods for Chronic Pain Relief
  348. Severe Night Sweats and Headaches During Lexapro Withdrawal
  349. Maintaining a Positive Mindset with BPD
  350. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Tips and Tricks
  351. Advice on Fibromyalgia and COVID
  352. Struggling with Post-Grad Job Search
  353. Newly Diagnosed with BPD: Looking for Support
  354. Experiences with Buspar/Buspirone?
  355. Elmiron, Colloidal Silver, Urelle or Azo for Interstitial Cystitis?
  356. Asking My Therapist About Other Conditions
  357. My Experience Getting the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine with POTS
  358. Dealing with Brain Fog and Memory Loss
  359. Dealing with Anxiety in Emergency Services
  360. Is Dermatillomania a Symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder?
  361. Need help with constipation remedies
  362. What are your sleep cycles like?
  363. Struggling with the decision to use a mobility aid
  364. Endometriosis Treatment: What Has Worked for You?
  365. Is My Reckless Behavior a Symptom of BPD?
  366. New to RA and struggling with stiff extremities
  367. Tips for managing stress-eating with T1D?
  368. Struggling to Carry My Son with Fibro
  369. Experiencing Adverse Side Effects from Cymbalta?
  370. Navigating Spirituality with Psychosis
  371. Nervous About Top Surgery Scars
  372. Overprescription of Psychiatric Meds and Long Term Withdrawal Symptoms
  373. Struggling with AVN and Leukemia Treatment
  374. Looking for advice on living without medication
  375. Remedies for Extreme Nausea
  376. Dealing with Social Implications of Being HOH/Deaf
  377. Concerns about Overmedication
  378. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome after POTS Diagnosis
  379. Dealing with Anxiety: Seeking Support
  380. Is it possible to not be depressed?
  381. Struggling with Medication Adherence
  382. Seeking advice for BPD medication and coping mechanisms
  383. Exploring Medical Cannabis for Pain Relief
  384. Starting Orlissa: Looking for Tips and Advice
  385. Struggling to Express Myself in Therapy
  386. Coping with Covid Anxiety While Grocery Shopping
  387. Ear Plugging with POTS Symptoms
  388. Need advice on back support for office chair
  389. Managing Migraines with Your Partner: Tips and Tricks
  390. Managing Daily IBS Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  391. Restrictive Parents and Being Transgender: Seeking Advice
  392. Managing Gabapentin Dosage
  393. Managing Conflicting Diets for Multiple Conditions
  394. Dealing with Chronic Pain at 22
  395. Coping with Anger: Tips and Tricks
  396. Dealing with Menopause in a Pandemic
  397. Dealing with Narcolepsy Diagnosis at a Young Age
  398. Struggling with Anxiety and Adulting
  399. Decreased Range of Motion in Right Hand
  400. Chest Pain After COVID: Anyone Else?
  401. Reducing Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders
  402. Looking for a Therapist: Tips and Advice
  403. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  404. Struggling with Diagnosis and Diet Adjustments
  405. Advice for Recovery from Top Surgery with hEDS?
  406. Managing PCOS: What Has Worked for You?
  407. Positive Covid Test and Unbearable Pain
  408. Afraid to Take Anxiety Medication: Need Advice
  409. Living with Crohn's: My Story
  410. Best way to get a POTS diagnosis?
  411. Dealing with IBS: Seeking Others' Experiences
  412. Dealing with Depression and Loss
  413. Struggling with OCD and Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  414. Struggling with PCOS treatment, seeking advice
  415. Dealing with Flare-Ups: Tips and Tricks
  416. Debilitating Anxiety Restricting My Social Life
  417. Navigating Bipolar Disorder in the Workplace
  418. What to Look for in a Therapist: A Guide
  419. Intense emotional numbness & depersonalization on Wellbutrin
  420. Debilitating Lightheadedness: Anyone Else?
  421. Trigeminal Neuralgia on Both Sides?
  422. Share Your Diagnosis Story: How Long Did It Take?
  423. New to Bipolar Meds, Looking for Support
  424. Dealing with Emotional Paralysis: Seeking Advice
  425. Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain from Gabapentin
  426. Treatment Experiences: Share Your Story
  427. Physical Symptoms of Schizophrenia: Anyone Else?
  428. Chest Pain in the Cold: Coping with Costochondritis
  429. Do You Experience Uneven Chronic Pain?
  430. Choosing between Bipolar medication and living without it
  431. Dealing with COVID and Mitochondrial Disease
  432. Looking for Friends to Discuss Mental Health
  433. When were you diagnosed with ADHD?
  434. Struggling with Extreme Fatigue
  435. Do You Hear Voices?
  436. Struggling with Depression: My Interests and Challenges
  437. Internal Tremors and Anxiety: Can They Be Related?
  438. Taking Prednisone for Minimal Change Disease
  439. Living with POTS Syndrome: How Has It Affected Your Life?
  440. Dealing with Neck Pain: Tips and Tricks
  441. Approaching my psychiatrist about ADHD medication
  442. Dealing with Morning Anxiety
  443. Dealing with Genital Herpes Outbreaks
  444. Has anyone tried the guaifenisin protocol?
  445. Transitioning from Hydroxyzine to Lexapro for Insomnia
  446. When Meds Fail: Coping with Mental Health Medication Changes
  447. Gabapentin for Bipolar: Opinions and Dosage
  448. Looking for IBS-D treatment advice
  449. Managing ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression: Need Help with Meds Combo
  450. Struggling with Weight Loss and Mobility
  451. Looking for advice on antidepressants and antipsychotics
  452. Adderall Side Effects: Anyone Else Experience This?
  453. Struggling to Work Full Time Due to Health Issues
  454. How to Stay Motivated with ADHD Paralysis
  455. Negative Side Effects of ECT Treatments: Memory Loss and Depression
  456. Connecting with others to manage anxiety
  457. Effexor Withdrawal: Need Help!
  458. Struggling with Sound Sensitivity
  459. Braces for Joint Instability Causing More Pain
  460. Feeling Not Bad Enough for Meds
  461. Coping with Multiple Sicknesses: Mental Health Tips
  462. Hysterectomy for PCOS: Will it Help Reduce Symptoms?
  463. Seeking Further Diagnosis for IBS
  464. Getting Disability with Fibromyalgia: Need Advice
  465. How Does BPD Affect Relationships? Need Advice!
  466. Progression of Symptoms in hEDS and POTs
  467. Acid Reflux After Being Sick: Anyone Else?
  468. Is my anger related to ADHD/Executive Dysfunction?
  469. Reversing POTS with Whole Foods Plant Based Diet?
  470. Coping with a Mental Health Condition
  471. Dealing with Nerve Pain and Worried About MS
  472. What are the best coping skills?
  473. Preventative Measures for Skin Picking
  474. Coping with constant dissociation
  475. Alternative Ways to Balance Thyroid Levels?
  476. Managing Mental Health Symptoms Without Medication
  477. Weekend Lethargy: How to Get Out of Bed and Be Productive
  478. Struggling with EOE Medication
  479. Sudden Weather Changes are Making Me Extremely Sick
  480. Looking for EMDR therapy experiences
  481. Need advice on dealing with anxiety while driving
  482. Struggling with Depression and Anxiety: Could it be Autism?
  483. Coping with Anxiety: Seeking Advice
  484. Sleeping and Depression: Is It Making Me More Sad?
  485. Chronic Anal Fissure - Should I Be Worried?
  486. Coping with Symptoms: Strategies Beyond Medication
  487. Dealing with Chronic Pain in Your 70s: Tips and Tricks
  488. Purple hands and feet - POTS symptom?
  489. Folate for MTHFR: Does it Help?
  490. Weaning off Gabapentin: Need Help!
  491. Looking for advice on EDS diagnosis and self-care
  492. Life with Bipolar Disorder: A Personal Account
  493. Looking for Natural Remedies for Anxiety
  494. Dealing with Scalp Psoriasis: Side Effects of Enbrel
  495. Struggling with Mental Illness and Connection
  496. Feeling Horrible and Disconnected: Need Advice
  497. Is Genetic Testing Affordable?
  498. Looking for Remote Jobs with Lupus
  499. Living with VSD: My Journey So Far
  500. Looking for a Therapist Specializing in Disability/Illness
  501. Considering Inositol Supplement for PCOS: Need Advice
  502. Wellbutrin for Anxiety: Any Success Stories?
  503. Strattera and Birth Control: Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  504. Ketamine for Depression, Anxiety, and Pain: Experiences?
  505. Overcoming the Stigma of HSV 1-2: Share Your Experience
  506. Dealing with Hand Tremors: Seeking Advice
  507. Dealing with Splitting and FP
  508. Regaining Strength After Sleeve Surgery
  509. Dealing with Chronic Pain: How to Manage the Pain?
  510. Living with Eosiniphilic Asthma: Seeking Community Support
  511. Debilitating Anxiety: How It Affects Me Physically
  512. Struggling with ADHD/ADD Diagnosis as a Teen
  513. Dealing with a Kidney Infection: Need Advice
  514. Effective Birth Control Alternatives?
  515. What were your endo symptoms?
  516. Overcoming Fear of Tumors: Tips and Tricks
  517. Getting a Diagnosis for DID: How to Approach a New Psychiatrist?
  518. Can Cannabis Help with Anxiety?
  519. Considering Birth Control for Ovarian Cysts and Hormonal Imbalance
  520. Struggling to maintain a healthy weight with Crohn's disease
  521. Bladder Problems with POTS and Gastroparesis
  522. Has anyone else experienced high glucose levels?
  523. Share your hormonal birth control side effects
  524. Dealing with TMJ Pain: Need Advice
  525. Dealing with Drowsiness from Anxiety Medication
  526. Living with Sjögren’s and Autoimmune Arthritis
  527. Fluoxetine not working?
  528. Looking for advice on Zoloft prescription
  529. Managing Mental Health Symptoms Without Medication
  530. How did your diabetes first start out?
  531. Considering Ketamine for Chronic Pain, Depression, and Anxiety
  532. Dealing with Low Motivation Days
  533. Working on My Mental Health: Tips Needed!
  534. Stiffness in the Morning
  535. Overcoming Anxiety and Fear of Going Out Alone
  536. Bowel Problems with Extended Release Medication
  537. What Brings You Out of the Darkness? Exploring Coping Mechanisms for Mental Heal…
  538. Struggling with Medication Schedule
  539. Do Others Have Late Night Compulsions to Eat?
  540. Disclosing Genital HSV1 to Future Partners
  541. Debating Getting a Wheelchair for My Fibromyalgia
  542. Struggling to Communicate with Brain Fog
  543. Autistic and Traumatized: Coping Strategies?
  544. Need Help with Digestive Issues
  545. Has anyone tried low-dose naltrexone for chronic pain?
  546. Difficulty Reaching Orgasm on Zoloft: Any Tips?
  547. Do Medications Dull Your Personality?
  548. Can't Shake This Covid Headache
  549. Questions about my PTSD diagnosis
  550. Struggling to Identify Triggers for Scalp Psoriasis
  551. Effective Medications for Treatment?
  552. Do people with BPD have manic episodes?
  553. Struggling to Get Diagnosed with HEDS: Any Tips?
  554. Struggling to Clean with Depression
  555. Dealing with Night Anxiety
  556. Looking for alternatives to Benadryl for severe insomnia
  557. Do ADHD medications work for anyone?
  558. Questioning My Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  559. Chest Pain and Anxiety: My ER Experience
  560. Coping with Dermatillomania: Need Help!
  561. Dealing with Chronic Constipation: Seeking Advice
  562. Random bouts of depression
  563. The Tic Pandemic: Is TikTok to Blame?
  564. Lamotrigine not working for my cyclothymia anymore
  565. Struggling with College Fatigue
  566. Dealing with Depression: My Story
  567. Dealing with Flare-Ups of Depression
  568. Handling Chronic Illness in Job Interviews: Tips and Tricks
  569. Tips for gaining weight with a picky eater's diet
  570. Dealing with Impostor Syndrome in Mental Health
  571. How Has Depression Affected Your Social Life?
  572. Bilateral Facet Joint Injections: Need Advice
  573. Balancing Fibromyalgia and a Full-Time Job
  574. Managing Diabetes Burnout with Mental Health Issues
  575. Questioning My Symptoms
  576. Looking for Raynauds Treatment Advice
  577. My Cat is My Emotional Support Animal
  578. Living with Sickle Cell Trait and Microcytosis
  579. Struggling to differentiate between ADHD and anxiety
  580. Less Fatigue During Fibro/CFS Flareup?
  581. Opening up about OCD in therapy
  582. My Journey with Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria
  583. Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts: Tips and Tricks
  584. Living with Acute Intermittent Porphyria and Chronic Pain
  585. Looking for Support with My Anxiety Symptoms
  586. Looking for advice on managing POTS symptoms with EDS
  587. Looking for Weight Loss Advice with IBS and GERD
  588. Using a Cane Without Doctor's Approval: Is it Morally Okay?
  589. Struggling with Eating Today
  590. Dealing with Strong Stress Responses
  591. Looking for advice on OCD medication
  592. Dealing with Chronic Nausea and Emetophobia
  593. Dealing with IBS flare and need support
  594. Mania and Anger: Is it a Common Manifestation?
  595. Gender and Healthcare: How Has Your Experience Been?
  596. What prompted you to seek treatment for your mental health?
  597. Looking for Fibromyalgia Relief: Meditation and Yoga Techniques
  598. Can Anxiety Cause Physical Ticks? Need Help Understanding My Symptoms
  599. Cannabis and Bipolar Disorder: Help or Harm?
  600. New PCP prescribed Wellbutrin for anxiety - opinions?
  601. First Date Ideas for Someone with Chronic Illness
  602. Living with Trichotillomania: Health Damages and Shame
  603. Coping with Addictive Thoughts
  604. Joint pain worsens with cold weather, anyone else?
  605. Regular Blood Tests: Any Benefits?
  606. Tips for Weaning Off Venlafaxine XR?
  607. Managing High Sex Drive with Medical Conditions
  608. Eating the Same Thing Everyday: Is it Healthy?
  609. Living with Cerebral Amyloid Antipathy: Seeking Advice
  610. Looking for Endocrinologist Recommendations
  611. Humalog Insulin: Experiences and Feedback
  612. Looking for a tag to wear in case of emergency
  613. Feeling Drained After Socializing? Here's Why
  614. Struggling to Remember Meds: Any Tips?
  615. The Impact of Chronic Illness on Your Career
  616. Sudden Nausea and Stomach Ache: What's Going On?
  617. Dealing with Hirsutism: Tips and Tricks
  618. Looking for Friends to Talk About Chronic Illness
  619. Feeling Alone with MS Diagnosis
  620. Struggling with Finding the Right Shoes?
  621. Endo Flare-Up Despite Clean Ultrasound
  622. Seeking Advice on Depression Treatment with Duloxetine
  623. When Were You Diagnosed?
  624. Managing Depression: How Do You Stay Motivated?
  625. How to Have a Crush Without Becoming Obsessive?
  626. Questioning if I'm Autistic: Atypical Social Symptoms?
  627. Getting a Diagnosis and Managing Pain
  628. Has anyone tried CBD for chronic pain?
  629. Coping with OCD symptoms: Need advice
  630. Living with Depression, Anxiety, and OCD: Seeking Insight
  631. Feeling Burned Out and Overwhelmed
  632. Fibro Fatigue vs Depression Fatigue: Struggling to Differentiate
  633. Can a Service Dog Help Manage POTS Symptoms?
  634. Dealing with Chronic Pain: Seeking Advice
  635. De-escalating Anxiety: Tips for the Morning
  636. Using a Wheelchair at a Young Age: Advice Needed
  637. Coping with Chronic Pain: Strategies that Work
  638. Looking for Friends Who Understand Chronic Illness and Neuro Divergence
  639. Coping with OCD Hair Pulling
  640. Hysterectomy for Endometriosis: What to Expect?
  641. Feeling Alone with Aspergers: Does Anyone Else Relate?
  642. Living with Chronic Pain: Seeking Support and Understanding
  643. Explaining My ADHD to My Teachers
  644. How to Improve Body Image?
  645. Dealing with Anxiety: How to Cope with Overwhelming Feelings
  646. Understanding Genital Herpes: HSV-1 vs. HSV-2
  647. Struggling with Severe Fibromyalgia: How to Balance Work and Pain?
  648. Struggling with AFRID and Medication
  649. Starting Rituxan Infusion - Experiences and Advice Needed
  650. Dealing with Orthostatic Hypotension: Seeking Advice
  651. Uncovering Intrusive Thoughts: What's Yours?
  652. Feeling Terrible on Ovulation Day
  653. Fibromyalgia and Covid: Experiencing Pain Times 100
  654. Adjustable Colour Changing Light and Sensory Perception
  655. Misdiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
  656. Dealing with Gut Permeability and Hashi Symptoms
  657. Struggling with Foot Pain for 3 Years
  658. Dry Skin from Birth Control - Insurance Coverage for CeraVe?
  659. Living with Disability: Supportive Parents?
  660. Has anyone used the RR eating disorder management app?
  661. Dealing with a new RA diagnosis
  662. Need advice on anxiety medication
  663. Weird Intrusive Thoughts: Share Yours!
  664. Backwards Eye Contact: Anyone Else?
  665. Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments for Mental Health
  666. Finding a Doctor Who Understands Your Condition
  667. Starting the Nutritional Counseling Journey: Seeking Recommendations and Stories
  668. Reducing Menstrual Cycle with Birth Control: Experiences?
  669. Medtronic Interstim Implant for Overactive Bladder
  670. Overcoming My Fear of Driving
  671. Dealing with Lexapro Side Effects: Anxiety and Shaking
  672. Holistic approaches for fibromyalgia pain?
  673. What non-medical methods have helped with your mental health?
  674. Tips for Functioning on ADHD Meds
  675. Tips for Beating Executive Dysfunction and Starting Tasks
  676. Opinions on Dexcom CGM Usage?
  677. My Gender Dysphoria Journey: Share Your Experience
  678. Struggling with Agoraphobia and Depression
  679. Natural Ways to Boost Energy and Focus
  680. Seeking Answers for Undiagnosed Condition
  681. How did you know you had POTS?
  682. Managing High Blood Sugar: How Many Units to Take?
  683. Feeling Undiagnosed: Anyone Else?
  684. Dealing with New Anxiety Symptoms at Night
  685. Introducing Myself: Living with Multiple Disorders
  686. Struggling with a Noisy Mind
  687. Difficulty finding a therapist for dissociative disorders
  688. Feeling like my ADHD meds aren't working anymore
  689. Starting Setraline (Zoloft) Tomorrow, Any Tips?
  690. Need advice on medication for brain fog
  691. Struggling with Celiac Diagnosis
  692. Coping with IBS: Tips for Recovering After a Flare Up
  693. Dealing with Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis
  694. Severe pain from tics?
  695. Starting a New Semester with Anxiety: Need Advice
  696. Feeling Disconnected from Reality
  697. Struggling with Cognitive Issues: Seeking Advice
  698. Amitriptyline Side Effects and Chronic Fatigue
  699. Confused and Overwhelmed by Racing Thoughts
  700. Lamotrigine for Borderline Personality Disorder
  701. What are your Fibromyalgia symptoms?
  702. Experiencing Sleep Attacks: Anyone Else?
  703. Need help with acne before top surgery
  704. Can You Dream About Repressed Trauma?
  705. Need Migraine Relief ASAP!
  706. Looking for the Best Depression Medication
  707. Fear of Home Invasion
  708. How to Stay Motivated with Eating When You're Not Hungry?
  709. What Type of Doctor Should I See for Erythromelalgia?
  710. Tips for Combating Chronic Fatigue with Fibromyalgia and Insomnia
  711. Memory Problems from Something?
  712. Reducing IBS Symptoms: Tips and Tricks
  713. Isolating with Anxiety: Anyone Else?
  714. Getting Tested for POTS: Worried My Doctor Won't Believe Me
  715. Coping with Crohn's: Tips and Tricks
  716. Dealing with Osteoarthritis Pain: Burning and Muscle Spasms
  717. What therapy works best for you?
  718. Switching from Zoloft to Prozac: Need Advice
  719. Identifying Lupus Flares Among Other Autoimmune Diseases
  720. Living with Illness: How Do You Manage Work?
  721. Experiencing Internal Vibrations - Could it be MS or Parkinson's?
  722. Struggling with Pain After Starting a Fitness Routine
  723. Struggling with Hallucinations: Seeking Support and Resources
  724. Best treatments for neuropathy?
  725. In Need of Medical Assistance and Advice in Colorado
  726. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome in Depression
  727. Alternative Ways to Handle Depression
  728. Need help remembering to take my Prozac
  729. Do I Have Multiple Health Issues or Just One?
  730. Confusion during sleep attacks
  731. Struggling with Personal Hygiene
  732. Migraines with Stroke-like Symptoms
  733. Dealing with Sensory Overload in School
  734. Pros and Cons of Getting a Dog for Depression
  735. How to Tell if Lupus is Acting Up
  736. ADHD meds and feeling tired: anyone else?
  737. How to Boost Energy Levels for Medical School Clinicals?
  738. Sharp Jaw Pain - Seeking Advice
  739. Struggling to Remember Medication
  740. Coping with Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria
  741. Transitioning off SSRI's to Tri-cyclic antidepressant
  742. My Experience with Zoloft for Anxiety
  743. Skin Picking When Stressed: Anyone Else?
  744. Lexapro and sex drive: is there a connection?
  745. Do I Have PTSD from Mice in My Room?
  746. Dealing with Anxiety When Leaving the House
  747. Cultivating Relationships with Autism: Tips and Advice
  748. Struggling with Chronic Illness: Should I Apply for Disability?
  749. Exploring Alternative Therapies and Finding a New Dealer
  750. Need help with PTSD nightmares and sleep
  751. Feeling Alone with Type 1 Diabetes
  752. Lip Picking and Scalp Scratching
  753. Should I See a Psychiatrist for My Anxiety Medication?
  754. How to Talk About GHSV-1 with New Sexual Partners
  755. Struggling with Asthma Treatment: Need Advice
  756. Coping with Anxiety and Medication: Seeking Advice
  757. Dealing with a Boyfriend Who Disapproves of My Medications
  758. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health
  759. Dealing with Chronic Pain and Lack of Motivation
  760. Need help with an MCAS friendly diet
  761. Looking for all-natural anxiety relief options
  762. Can't Write Despite Being Able to Explain - Help!
  763. Opinions on starting Straterra?
  764. Experiencing strange POTS symptoms post Covid
  765. Seeking advice on adult ADHD testing
  766. Experiencing Shaking in My Body
  767. How do I know if I am age-regressing or if I've developed a little?
  768. Looking for Alternative Health Solutions
  769. Looking for Vaginismus Treatment Advice
  770. Dealing with Intestinal Blockages with Sjogren's Syndrome and IBS-C
  771. Alternatives to Fidgets for Skin Picking Habit?
  772. Struggling with Thyroid Health: Need Diet Suggestions
  773. Heavy bleeding and unbearable cramps, need advice!
  774. Struggling with CFS and Long-Haul COVID
  775. Struggling with BPD: How it Affects My Relationships
  776. Struggling with Brushing My Teeth
  777. Driving with Narcolepsy: Tips for Staying Safe and Awake
  778. Managing Glucose Levels: Anyone Else?
  779. Hallucinations and Bipolar Disorder: What You Need to Know
  780. Increasing Zoloft dose for seasonal depression
  781. Can't Sleep, Don't Want to Sleep: Any Advice?
  782. Medications and Aging: Will I Need to Adjust My Meds?
  783. Anyone with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (IST)?
  784. Dark and Disturbing Dreams: Is it Related to Narcolepsy?
  785. Learning About White Matter Disease
  786. Has anyone tried Prostiq for depression?
  787. Looking for MS Support
  788. How can I stop picking at my skin?
  789. Struggling with Validating My Narcolepsy Symptoms
  790. Changing Antidepressants After Long-Term Use
  791. Therapist not a DID specialist, seeking advice
  792. Dealing with Concerta Side Effects
  793. COVID and POTS: Did it Worsen Your Symptoms?
  794. Dealing with Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  795. Struggling to Stay Awake: Tips for Boosting Productivity
  796. Mild Cataplexy: What Does It Feel Like?
  797. Pros and Cons of Mood Stabilizers for Mental Health
  798. Swelling on my face that never goes away
  799. Struggling with Motivation: How Do You Keep Going?
  800. Possible ADHD or Autism Diagnosis: What Should I Do?
  801. Has anyone tried medical marijuana?
  802. Realizing I Might Be Autistic: What's Next?
  803. Medications for Burning Nerve Pain in Thoracic Spine?
  804. Struggling with Adrenal Insufficiency and Diabetes
  805. Experiencing Numbness and Tingling in Arm/Hands/Fingers
  806. Has anyone tried cannabis for symptom relief?
  807. Dealing with Flare Ups: Need Advice
  808. Weight Gain on Antidepressants: Any Alternatives?
  809. Struggling with Fibromyalgia and Exercise
  810. When to up Vyvanse dose?
  811. Coping with Postherpetic Neuralgia: Advice Needed
  812. Recovering from Endometriosis Surgery: When Will Symptoms Return?
  813. Weaning off Cymbalta, starting amitriptyline - experiences?
  814. Has anyone tried metformin for fibromyalgia?
  815. Does Menstruation Affect IBD Symptoms?
  816. Connecting with Others Who Understand Chronic Pain
  817. Increased Adderall dose not helping with focus
  818. Help with identifying a persistent rash on my hands
  819. Dealing with Social Anxiety in a Group Setting
  820. Clonazepam Experiences: Side Effects and Effectiveness
  821. Struggling with Sensory Issues: Coping Advice Needed
  822. EDS Pain in Bed: Any Solutions?
  823. Disclosing Chronic Illness to Employers: Yay or Nay?
  824. Coping with the aftermath of a manic episode
  825. Finding the Right Dosage for Bipolar Disorder
  826. Dealing with Mental Exhaustion: Tips and Tricks
  827. Finding an Autism Service Dog in Colorado
  828. Struggling with OCD, Anxiety and Depression: Need Advice on Prozac
  829. Weak Limbs After Exercise: Any Advice?
  830. Overcoming Fear of Going Back to School with Depression
  831. Cardio Rehab: What to Expect?
  832. Feeling Invalid in My Illness
  833. Struggling to Lose Weight Without Exercise?
  834. Dealing with Fibromyalgia Fatigue and Depression
  835. Dealing with Chronic Fatigue: Tips and Advice
  836. Coping with In-Between Fixations
  837. When to Start Using a Mobility Aid?
  838. Managing My Health Issues as an 18-Year-Old
  839. Struggling with Diabetes Rules?
  840. Is Metformin Safe? Need Advice!
  841. What's Your Ultimate Health Goal? Share It Here!
  842. Struggling with Anxiety: Need Help!
  843. Looking for Advice on Lyrica for Fibromyalgia
  844. Dealing with DP/DR: Seeking Advice
  845. Finding Support for Classic Galactosemia
  846. Coping with Anxiety and Negative Self-Talk
  847. Struggling with Trust and Commitment in Relationships
  848. Managing Triggers and Symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome
  849. Ease Arthritis Soreness: Tips and Tricks
  850. Struggling with Neurodivergence: ADD, Depression, and Anxiety
  851. Positive Experiences with Hallucinations
  852. Looking for Friends and Anxiety Support
  853. Struggling with Mental Health: Seeking Advice
  854. Did anyone else get the 'covid arm' reaction to Moderna vaccine?
  855. Increased Zoloft dosage causing anxiety?
  856. Switching MS Medications: Gilenya to Ocrevus
  857. Late ADD Diagnosis: How Did It Affect You?
  858. Has anyone tried Naltrexone to boost their immune system?
  859. Seeking Advice on Getting Professionally Diagnosed with Autism
  860. Trying Keto for Seizures: Benefits and Timeline?
  861. Looking for Advice on Fibromyalgia Diagnosis
  862. Trying Wellbutrin SR for ADHD: Any Experiences?
  863. Preventing Sensory Overload: Tips and Tricks
  864. Dealing with Asthma in School
  865. Living with Emphysema: My Journey So Far
  866. Struggling with Hearing Loss in Anatomy Class
  867. Struggling with Anxiety Medication
  868. Getting diagnosed with POTS: HR shoots up but BP only drops a little
  869. Managing Mental Health Without Professional Help
  870. Can Hallucinations Be Internal?
  871. Dealing with Endometriosis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  872. Alternative Treatments for Mental Health?
  873. Best Medication for Anxiety and Depression?
  874. Managing Hand Pain While Journaling
  875. Heart Palpitations with Fibromyalgia
  876. Dealing with unexplained flares
  877. Looking for Advice on VNS for Seizure Disorder
  878. Struggling with Sexual Identity and Epilepsy
  879. How do you manage your chronic pain?
  880. Scared of Vestibular Testing: Need Advice
  881. Anxious about Gastric Emptying Test Tomorrow
  882. Dealing with Driving Anxiety After an Accident
  883. Looking for ways to cope with anxiety and be more productive
  884. Dealing with IBS Symptoms After Eating Fried Chicken
  885. Managing ADD/ADHD without medication
  886. Axiobionics: A New Hope for Chronic Pain Relief?
  887. Writing to Cope with MD: Does it Work?
  888. Question about lower dose of amitriptyline and depression symptoms
  889. Struggling to Find a Job After Trauma
  890. Heat Intolerance with Antidepressants and Anxiety Medications
  891. Daily Sodium and Water Intake
  892. Living with DID: Coping with Frequent Headaches, Tics, Seizures, and More
  893. Tips for Managing Brain Fog
  894. Dealing with Sjogren's Fatigue: Seeking Advice
  895. Misdiagnosed with Bipolar: Is it possible for autism to be mistaken?
  896. Experiencing a Burning Sensation in My Breast and Other Body Parts
  897. Connecting with Others with Essential Thrombocythemia